[STICKY]My Pic Of The Day


Part of the furniture
195 ks today. Rained most of the night at Tullah, drizzle when we left turned to rain. Waratah for fuel then through Hellyer Gorge, very slowly. Stopped at Wynyard for coffee and to thaw out.

Rained on and off to Stanley, very windy, but tonight lovely and calm. We shall see what happens tomorrow, thinking of going to Couta Rocks. Cheers.
A more typical view of Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain

November. 2.5C and snowing. It dropped to 1 C on the ride back down to the Info centre

Did not stop the girls going for a swim though



Part of the furniture
Pulled the pin going out to Couta Rocks, rain, gale force winds, I am here for a holiday. Went down to Smithton for fuel and a look around, weather turned to crap. Back at the cabin enjoying a coffee, Devonport tomorrow for the ferry home.
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