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Jane said cloudy and cool in the morning, sunny in the afternoon, and it was. Perfect :) for a jaunt to Noojee. They have some seating out the back as well now. Very pleasant spot. Managed to get 240ks out of a 150k ride due to careful planning and a road closure. Why is it when a sign says road closed, I still have to go another 5 ks just to be sure :(

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Mapping the next ride...
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They call this place Paradise, seriously thats its name..

I have no idea why

If you don't like looking in this direction...

You can turn around 180 degrees and look this direction

So you're still hanging around that crappy place? :bees::bees:
Another sweet spot just out of Q'town is Moke Lake and the valley up there....particularly on a still morning or dusk.
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