Ian and Lynne's Tassie Trip 2023


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We decided we needed to go to Tassie once more in the sidecar before we get too old (I know already there). Was there for 17 days, 3300ks, no issues with the bike at all, ran really well. Weather was mostly good, quite hot for the first week or so, then back to normal. Last couple of days a bit crappy, but whatever. Had 2 days where we didn't ride much at all, just wandered around looking for geocaches and tried to stay out of the rain. Ended up with 106 caches, finding them takes you to spots you would not normally go to, old cemeteries, town halls, places you normally just ride past and not have a second look. Good to break up the day a bit. However, when it was raining, my enthusiasm dropped to zero and we just gave it a miss. I know I have already posted a few photos, but a few more won't hurt. They probably wont be in order, 2 phones and 1 camera, I tried sorting them out and then gave up. Hope you like them anyway. Cheers Ian

Lunch on the way to the ferry, we tried to carry our lunch with us, usually biscuits and cheese, we could stop where we wanted, cut the costs a bit too.


I left to look for a cache, Lynne noticed the branch hanging above the bike, glad it wasn't windy.


This was at Cape Portland, you don't realise how big these blades are till you get next to them, impressive.


Another lunch stop at Morinna Cemetry.


Mt. Barrow was interesting.




Lunch at St. Helens, I think.


Another caching stop, it was a bit windy at times.


Mt. Wellington.


A few more coming next.


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On the way back from Strathgorden.


I told you they weren't in order, lined up for the boat at Geelong. The guy on the BMW in front of us, hit a sheep on the way down from Sydney. Killed the sheep, ripped off the front mudguard, which he found and taped back on, but he didn't come off. Lucky guy, not so lucky sheep.


Church at Ellendale. Lynne looking for a cache.


Lake Tullah. Stayed at the Wilderness Lodge there and at Strathgorden. Wilderness Lodge means old worker's accomodation which has been spruced up, but still has paper thin walls and not much room for all your gear. Strathgorden was best. Meals were best at Tullah.


Our accomodation at Bridport, stayed there 3 nights, undercover parking for the bike, kitchen for meal prep, very nicely renovated. Nice to come back to at night.


Cape Portland.


Somewhere between Bridport and Bicheno.


Another cache spot near the Golf course at Morinna.


Water pressure regulators near Tarraleah. I don't want to be around if they go bang.


Friendly Beaches, yes that is the name, great spot to camp.


Just a few more coming.


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Coles Bay area.



I can see why this is such a popular holiday spot, we were walking back to the bike and an older guy came up and stared chatting. He had a 1960 BMW sitting in his garage, rides it now and again, sounds like me.


Derby, another caching thing. Tunnel was dug for ore transport, it would have taken a while in those days.



Near Southport, glad we were ok for fuel.


Strahan, Zeehan, I give up, it's just a blur.


Road to Corinna, we didn't do the Western Explorer, just went across on the punt and back to Strahan.



Coffee and donut back in Eltham. If anyone is coming back on the ferry for arrival in the morning at Geelong, go home via Ballarat, or sit and wait in Geelong for a few hours. Traffic was banked up from Point Cook on Geelong Rd. Alternative might be a weekend arrival or day sailing where you come arrive at night. Downside to the terminal at Geelong, but it is what it is.

Great trip, next time it will be with the van for 6 weeks. Hope fully next Feb. Big dollars for the car and van though on the ferry. We shall see. Cheers.



Mapping the next ride...
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Never again say you don't have an eye for picking a shot!

Bloody good stuff and a great mix of detail and landscape.
Lynne's smile in the last pic pretty much wraps it.

btw, just got your msgs now as we used the EU-SIM for the last 4 weeks and popped the Telstra SIM back in yesterday.
Sounds like you've had fun, all good then :)
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