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Another THANKS to Ian for a really enjoyable day "out-in-the-east", showing off some special places and a bag of new tracks I'd never been on.

The grey morning dissolved as we neared the Ranges.... a blue canopy with puffy whites and glorious sunshine for the rest of the day. Bloody cream on the cake :2thumbs-up:
Goodie tagged along on the Mighty-Mouse until Squiz and I tucked into the backblocks- gravel proper.

Quick warning: try to stay away from the Acheron Way until the grader's been through (there are also 2 lots of roadworks with traffic lights due to road slips).

"I'll shoot ahead for some piccies of you guys" turned into some brown daks barely 500m beyond the asphalt of the Donna Buang Road.
Holy shyte....this is "eat-your-fillings" and hang onto your balls bomb-crater stuff at the moment.
Not mere potholes...but dozens of bathtubs in one huge patch at a time. And patches coming thick and fast.
Had the DR in knots, both ends locked up opposite ways, diving in...

There are still a few, rare, smooth spots....


Just about out of the minefield...




Mt. Gordon....overlooking the Lower Acheron Valley towards Buxton, Alexandra and the entire Cathedral Ranges Ridge on the right.
Gosh...what a place!!
Thanks Squiz, I had no idea this place was sooo close for alllll those years!!






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Thanks for the company today Pete. I am giving up on taking photos with the phone. Nothing came out worth anything, and I can't transfer via USB, probably the dodgy cable from Ebay!
Whatever, great day, maximum speed on the GPS was 95ks, very enjoyable. The 1200GS is nice, but the DRz is great for this type of ride. Those potholes on the Acheron Way were pretty bad in spots, the ones just after the start of the dirt were the particularly crappy. Great to see Goodie, she looked happy to be out as well. I must admit I wasn't quite sure where I was going coming back!
I remembered Dyes Lane, Ure Rd and Black Range Rd were familiar from a previous life, what could possibly go wrong :LOL: Thanks again. Cheers Ian


Mapping the next ride...
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Yeah, aftermarket cables have gotten Goodie and her Google Pixel undone, too.
Plus the bloody tie-in with Google-Pics etc.
Still, don't give up taking pics, it's a shame to not have some memories around.

As for finding the right roads/ tracks....bloody well "guessed" then , the maze of possible turn-offs and logging/ forestry tracks is stunning up there. Once I saw Yellowdindi, I was back on the level.:)
As we were going up from Buxton the paddocks on the left stretching up to the plantations looked somehow familiar and might be exactly those I mentioned where Goodie and I on the Posties finished up along that fenceline.
Around the corner and just up Ure Rd was a turn off called "Boundary Rd" on the left, cutting back towards Buxton....that one rang a bell, too. I think I might've found that place we got stuck and finished up skidding down the paddocks that day many years ago.

Saw that "wiggly stick" right in the middle of Old Dixons Creek Rd.? Looked like a young Brown. Hard to spot the difference between it and all the dropped sticks and dead timber on the track....
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I will still take photos, but with a camera I think. I did see that "wiggly stick", as I went past I thought that looked a bit different. Glad I didn't run over it :)


Mapping the next ride...
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I did see that "wiggly stick", as I went past I thought that looked a bit different. Glad I didn't run over it :)

Lucky you...I did, (had no chance at all) but didn't go back to check. :-(
Hope the little critter survived the set of factory-Bridgestones....


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Come home via Acheron Way last Sunday, and yeah OMG !! you could park a bus in some of those holes :eek:
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