Dargo Rally 2022


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Alternative heading "seemed like a good idea at the time"

Dargo Rally, done them on the DR650, X-Country 650, sidecar, let's try the DRz. Didn't want to go Friday (good weather, stay home). Bike packed, new staintune exhaust fitted, what could go wrong? Jane said showers on Saturday, let's try rain for a few hours. Whatever. First thing I learnt was that you can't pull the choke on the DRz with gloves on, just after spending minutes getting them just right with the over jacket, did I mention it was raining? Whatever.

Noojee, Baw Baw, then South Face Rd, might get some nice photos. No. Did I mention it was raining?


This is what I wanted to do, especially after the local copper fronted up and showed me the rain radar on his phone "just waves of rain coming in" he reckoned. Good bloke, wished me all the best, no license check, that was about 3 layers down.

Plan was to go to Moe for morning tea, then home.

Sky started to clear, so across to Tyers, then Maffra for fuel and lunch. 260ks 10 litres. Happy with that. Bike running well with the new exhaust, pulls better and feels smoother. Open the throttle at 95ks to overtake and does ok. Running fairly tall gearing, it used to be a bit sluggish.

It is not raining now, so continue to Dargo. Freestone Creek Rd was given a miss, stick to the tar.


The road towards Dargo is nice anyway. Have not seen any bikes going this way.


The first kilometers of red clay was pretty slippery in spots, bike performed admirably. There were some skids marks on the roads where a few had a hard time. After that a very nice downhill stretch with a few rocky bits at times. All good though. I reckon this road gets longer every year I come in, must be getting older.


Campsite was lovely and sunny, WTF, was walking around in thongs, better than bike boots anyway.


Couple of interesting bikes.



Early night, slept well, stayed warm, a bit brisk in the morning though.



The trip home next.


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Stopped at the helipad on the way out.


A little bit of snow in the distance.


Came back through Willow Grove and Noojee again.



All in all, a good weekend, glad I went, bike ran well, happy with the exhaust, around 730ks, early night I think. Cheers Ian


Mapping the next ride...
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OH man....an Ariel Square4 :clap:

Great to see you made the most of the weekend and dodged at least most of the rain!
But that frost....any wallabies around to cuddle up to? :)
Thanks Suizzy. Nice report and a great photo to words ratio.
Plus 1 on what Glitch said about the Square 4. As a Mark 2 even if it was the last one ever made it would be 63 years old.
What is it about South Face Road. Went across there in January on a brilliantly fine day and it pissed down on the last 1/3 of the road and through to Rawson then fined up again.


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The Ariel looked so clean as well, how did he do that? I thought it was slippery at times on mine, these guys must have larger cohunas than mine.
The Ariel looked so clean as well, how did he do that? I thought it was slippery at times on mine, these guys must have larger cohunas than mine.

If it was a KTM I would suggest that there might have been a ute or a SUV with a trailer hidden somewhere close. :D


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Part of the furniture
Looks like a great campsite.

Yes, it's very pretty site, well worth at least one visit, if you're prepared for a bumpy and (most times) slippery ride. I've been in three times, twice on the XT600, once in the Triton 4WD. Mrs W won't go there again, even in the 4WD. I wouldn't be planning a Royal Enfield over-nighter there.
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