"The Marginal"...and then some


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Great ride. Good idea to start early Pete, lovely in the morning, home by 12. I can have a nap now.

A few from me. There were supposed to be balloons in the photo, whatever.


Saw a few of these today as well, they all seemed to dislike the sound of the DRz, works for me.


Again, those LED headlights stand out in the bush.


Murrundindi Rd, don't know how long that tree will stay there, looks impressive anyway.


Lots of magnificent winding roads through the forest.


And then we had to go home, bugger, it was getting a bit warm though.


Thanks again Pete, must do it those roads again when the weather is a bit cooler and a few more can enjoy the scenery. Cheers Ian


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Last check here, then I'm out.

...and back in as planned. :2thumbs-up:

Pearler of a morning, hardly a soul to be seen anywhere until hitting the Acheron on the way back.
Thanks to Ian !!....not least for adding yet another gem of a track from the Black Spur across to the Acheron Way.
Great stuff, thanks!

(@Ian, I might move your last post to start a new separate RR-thread...you caught a few sweet ones :icon-top-:


Mapping the next ride...
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There just is something to an early morning.
Empty roads, peace and quiet, the road is yours.

Not even on the tracks yet, there is that whitish-golden light promising a HOT day in the making....




Into the bush and that silvery flicker where the sun hits the gum-leaves








The Marginal....done and dusty! :) https://bit.ly/33ADTLC


Mapping the next ride...
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Short break at the Murrundindi River bridge, re-rigging the gear and exchanging tales of suicidal wallabies.



Nearly ran over one of those little buggers that mum didn't keep an eye on....that "rallye-stripe" made it fast enough to reach the other road verge with mum squealing and grunting
for support.
Little piggy was just too quick and twitchy for the DR :bs

Managed to drive it back and under the fence to join the rest of the 10? strong litter.


A quick run down Murrindindi and Yellowdindi roads, "cutting the corner" back to the Black Spur at the Narbethong servo. https://bit.ly/3qSecyR

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Mapping the next ride...
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Wily old Squiz hadn't let on what was next on the menu.... turning out the absolute cream on the cake!

We've all run the Black Spur ad nauseum in the distant past, rarely ever got lucky to have the road to ourselves for a proper, enjoyable and incident-free run.
It's usually full of traffic and weekend warriors that should stick to multilane freeways for their driving. When it comes to bikes, it's dickhead-HQ.
We've seen snow up there and lots of accidents and carnage, witnessed bikes "going bush" and caravan-rigs and semi's sailing into the greenery.

I'm usually at extreme pains to avoid that road (same as the Reefton Spur and a selected few others) and may have averaged maybe one drive or ride every 2-3 years.

DomDom Saddle (the "top" of the Spur) couldn't come soon enough....and the magic started right at the bottom end of the carpark.:glu

Solitude, quiet, wallabies galore....big stands of those bare, tall gum-trees the Spur is famous for, a narrow and tight logging track in good nick, cocky-screech and Kookaburras....
finishing up on the Acheron Way far too soon :)







It doesn't come much better than that!! :drool:
It even pops the Spur back onto the routes- list...just by the shortest part of it to get to Dom Dom Saddle :)

Thanks for showing me this little jewel :bowdown:

Where to next?


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As you said Pete, great day, early start, home at a reasonable hour. Had time for a swim and a nap. Another day in paradise :)

I knew I saw some balloons this morning :LOL:

I took a quick photo then realized my googles had self destructed, lucky I had brought my sunglasses.


Another bugger, they have been sitting in the cupboard for years now doing nothing, and I ask one thing! Whatever. The dirt bike helmet was cooler, so I might have to splurge on a new pair.
Seat cover worked well, fits ok and I think it helped. It's there now anyway. Cheers
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