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Mapping the next ride...
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More forum-trips....NZ
The South of the North

A foggy morning in the backblocks....the crazy rollercoaster of Puketoi Rd.


Speechless.....Ant on the Pori Rd.


Historic Bertrand Rd. bridge near New Plymouth


Back on the blacktop @ Pohokura Saddle, Forgotten Hwy Route 43


Golden end to a golden fortnight of thrills....Raglan Sunset, Westcoast



Mapping the next ride...
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I think we have a winner.

With all that spare CoVid-Lockdown idle time around I've been browsing the photo-dump-harddrive a lot more frequently than usual.

Which has led to the realization that there is no place big or small, local or international, group, forum, facebook joint or else that comes even close to anywhere near the scope, depth or magnitude of the mind-boggling rides we've done in this little place!

As for your "winner"-pic....imagine a 160km loop of this, before adding all sorts of peaks+perks along the way.
From fabulous tucker and booze to stumping historic places....and a hundred things more.

Then loop towards the west on incredible gravel tracks past old WW1 fortifications and cheese-making high-country farms the next day from the same overnight stay.

As per above...ALL of the forum-rides, local, national or overseas....have been absolutely mind-blowing.

The last 20 years have been one hell of a journey!!


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Out on flat country heading west to Picnic Point camp ground south of Denny. The roads out there have a lot of 90 degree turns so the storm was ahead, then to the left, then ahead, then to the right. It hit me just west of Finley and was like riding through a waterfall. I knew it was only a mile or so wide, and that no car would try to drive through it, so I sat on the centre line and gunned it until I came out the other side.

Others were coming up from Melbourne and had to stop at a bus shelter and stand on the seat to get above the flooding roads.


We have an annual meetup there and the storm was 2011. On another trip down I stopped in the same place.



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Anyway, back to normal viewing. There's a thread on OzSTOC where members post pics of their bike in front of something historical or iconic, and others are to nominate (guess) where or what it is. Here's one of mine, slighty photoshopped, othewise it would have been too easy.

Any nominations?
That looks like the Mechanics institute at Fryerstown, except some joker has been playing funny buggers with Mr Burke and Mr Wills names.
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