[STICKY]Your Favourite Motorcyle Touring Pic


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Wot pic? Can't see it on my laptop or the iPhone.

Same here
(especially the iphone) :bs

Same thing every time....pic displays after being linked from Gpics for a little while before it's back to lines-of-goobledigook.
Got nothing to do with Gpic account settings, permissions here or there....it's likely to being linked to a 3.party site and had an X-number of "calls" ....and that's the trigger for Google to change the algorithm?/ whatever the switch is.


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Caroona Creek Sth Aus

Flinders Sth Aus, artsy fartsy shot

Captn Spock

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^^ That is a great shot. Well done Marty. The clouds looked less ominous on the day though...


Mapping the next ride...
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Another AusTouring ride :)
Marty up front, Goodie , Moike creeping into the shot ... one glorious October morning on the Passo del Gavia, dropping towards Ponte di Legno, Alto Adige, Italian Alps


Slowly cruising the narrow Passo di Foppa and Pso. Mortirolo only an hour later :glu




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Couldn't add any text to the post for some reason. user error in my case!! 1st pic is Bicheno and 2nd is view from Lake Pedder Lodge
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