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Jeez I was fast back in 1981. I also found a girlfriend who could work a camera so I kept her. :)



Part of the furniture
Nice ride today out to Yea then Highlands Rd, then down Molesworth- Dropmore Rd where photo was taken. I must admit Molesworth-Dropmore Rd seemed a lot narrower and bumpier since last time I did it on the DRz ;) must be due to Covid (that's the excuse for everything now). I was supposed to go to Yarck, but made a wrong turn on Highlands Rd somewhere and ended going along a road I would have again enjoyed on the DRz. Then down to Molesworth for lunch and along Whanregarwen Rd to Buxton then home. Good day was had by all (me)

What’s the latest story about the Buxton servo and the Buxton Burger? Last I heard it had changed hands and the food was crap. I was thinking of stopping last week but wasn’t game in the end.


Part of the furniture
It was trading briskly today, some nice seating, have not had anything there for a while. It might give me an excuse for another ride next week :)


Super Térrarist
I took off this morning on the Super Tenere. I hadn't ridden it since September. The tyres needed a lot of air. The tank was already full. I set off without a destination in mind. The destination turned out to be Rochester. Every year in Rochester they have a mural competition, with the entries on display in a park along the highway. These were the 2022 murals. The first few are the prize winners. Each mural has a price tag and is for sale.

The loop up and back was almost exactly 400km and the weather was perfect for riding. I should do it more often.







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