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Mapping the next ride...
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Riding those little 250s around the hills is a hoot. Wish I still had access to our daughters TU250.

Scooting around the gravel tracks out back on the little XT the other week I thought exactly the same.
Doing the sweeps and later twisties from Noojee to Powelltown was quite intense and a shyteload of fun topping out at a screaming 107kmh....the 110kg felt like a B12 in Tassie @230, wandering all over the place.
Great fun....and easily as quick through the twisties as on any bigger bike.
The 2 guys on the chrome-buckets didn't know what hit 'em when the 250/300 chookies-on-knobbies screamed past at the top of their lungs.... :bs
I want white-wall knobbies next, hell yeah! :)
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Rocket dog deciding that a Suzuki RGV250 is not as interesting as a dog treat from Father Christmas



<-- now went that way
The amount of times I have been told to go jump off a cliff..

So today I did.

Tandem handgliding of Coronet Peak NZ.

I think batshit motorcycling has ruined it for me, not once drop of Adrenaline was produced, nothing but beautiful relaxing soaring... Loved it.








Mapping the next ride...
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Scheduled event was cancelled so I did some Scrambling around the hills. Really should ride this way more often its a hoot. The size of a largish 250 with Brembo brakes, 70hp and 1970s inspired "it will buck me off at any second" suspension. What's not to love?


Maybe I was there in 1972?

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