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I remember the days when V-Stroms ruled but this is a real Autouring ride! 20 February 2011



You always have to be careful about the roadside wildlfe when riding around South Gippsland

October 2007 -The Glitchless ride to Walhalla



We arrived in Noojee on the way and got caught up with a Netrider ride to Walhalla. They left before us but managed to fire a bike over the edge of the road after Icy Creek somewhere near Fumina. I think it was that Kwaka third from left. In typical NR style the main group had buggered off so we helped drag the thing back onto the road and passed the main NR people at Willow Grove.


After we left Wlahllla to return we came across the Netriders again. They had fired another bike of the edge between Rawson and Walhalla. It was too far gone to retrieve so we left them to it.


Mapping the next ride...
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Yeah....they were famous then to having it down to a fine art.
No ride without a crash or 3....
In competition with the Black-Spur Racers (run by the numpty who owned the Narbethong Roadhouse then)... and of course the dimwit- MSR clowns.
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