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Hmmm.. it appears the Strom has changed colour and beefed up
I've decided this week that I don't think I can sell the Strom, actually made a route through Toolangi for this weekend, don't think I can abandon offroad routes, mind you, after all the rain, Toolangi will be fun with Battleax A41's haha.


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Thought I would take the 250 out for a short ride today. Got back before traffic got a bit silly. The bike hasn't been run for a couple of months, but started first touch of the button, I know Michael, it's a Honda :D




Very pleasant time, lots of bikes out as you would expect on such a lovely day. Cheers.


Mapping the next ride...
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had to turn back a few times in Toolangi, couldn't find a tame way to head across to Narbethong.

That's the usual way in/ out https://bit.ly/3rSvQT3
The eastern end can continue into Narbethong...or turn south to the Black Spur Roadhouse/ servo via Racecourse Creek/Kings/Manby Rds.

The other end either morphs into Black Range Rd. or turn via Yellowdindi to Sylvia Creek/ Murrindindi Rds.
Squiz knows his way around all that.
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