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Part of the furniture
PXL_20220118_062829971.MP (Large).jpg

Why a photo of 2x 20 lt containers you ask? I have been hanging out to but some containers for liners for my new Andy Strapz bags, but didn't want to buy some just to cut them up.

Hard rubbish collection in my area. 2 containers in 2 days :D excellent. Will look for a new bamboo blind now :ROFLMAO:


Part of the furniture
Went for a short wander on the 1200 today along dirt roads I knew, just in case. All good, had fun, I think I need some better tyres though if I wish to continue this pursuit :)

Top of Dom Dom rd. Very nice this morning.


Found this in the middle of the road out the back of Marysville, someone will be annoyed, I would have been if I had hit it.


Another day in paradise.
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