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Mapping the next ride...
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You weren't taking too many pics before I took the run-off track (thank god it was there, aye!), you were too busy wrestling the WTF and getting plenty of thottle and brake exerise.

True enough!
With Kamikaze-Willo up the bum, anyone would've been sweatin' at the tiller...:doh::whistle:

It sure was lucky to have the gate on the run-off track that far in...:so
Shit myself when I lost the BIG ZEEBEE in the mirrors...:eek:

What a bloody hoot that road is though!!:drool:


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Bit of water at the end of Victoria Rd this afternoon.


Melba Hwy still closed to Yarra Glen. I think I know why.



Mapping the next ride...
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Mt. Dandy Tourist Rd./ Mountain Hwy/ Olinda-Monbulk Rd. etc are also closed to all but residents with ID, been hearing the chainsaws buzzing all day.
Lots more roads closed in the Dandenongs and surrounding areas.

Even Liverpool and Colchester roads looked like a bomb hit them.

Our beaut, little Flowering Gum with its hundreds of seed-pods snapped clean off just above the ground the other night, dropping itself neatly onto the parked trailer. W-)

At least most of the wrecked herb-patch finished up in a big pot of Bolognese sauce for some yummy Spag-Bol/ Lasagne when too lazy to cook something else some nights.
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