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I have an autumn one as well.


I must be getting used to this again, 2 hours and no problems with my back. :D


Still think I will take the DRz next weekend though. :rolleyes:


Mapping the next ride...
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If you continue past Grantons Rd, Old Coach Rd crosses the Acheron Way. If you turn left, it comes out near the pub, and if you turn right it comes out towards Marysville. Nice dirt rd, not as far up as Grantons, have not been on it for a month or so, but an alternative.

Thanks, sounds like an alternative.
Haven't ridden/ driven that for many years...somehow I always seem to finish up on Feiglins W-)


Mapping the next ride...
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"Goretex" 2002AD

Courtesy of the New Norfolk (Tassie) 4Square Supermarket Vegie Dept. and the usual duct tape

Pulling into the Derwent Bridge Pub, where 4 Vics, soaked to the bone, and got read the riot act by the publican about stripping down to the jocks in the foyer to dry their gear (and frozen-blue arses)
decorating the fire-screen of the roaring open fireplace.


Next day, above Queenstown



Mapping the next ride...
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Below Cabramurra...wots its name?

Oh....Elliott Way.

2010? (forum meet at ?Khancoban?)

Shortly before you took the Big Girl offroad :woot::so
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