Scout + skid around Hazeldene


Mapping the next ride...
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After .....

Following last week's loop, that whole Diggers Gully cluster of roads/ tracks added to what Fuzzy said about Mullers Creek got me intrigued. Keen to go and have a look tomorrow morning, return for a late lunch.
Easy dirt access +exit via Flowerdale Rd. from Hazeldene... the rest ? No idea. My rear hoop is on its last usable mm or 2, and the replacement hasn't shown up yet.... no stunts then :)

...and some solid rain overnight, the early morning fog and "wet air" didn't look too promising.
With no takers, it turned a solo...those roads and tracks just had to be checked for further rides.

A quick change of plans for some quick-tap into the loop got me through Yarra Glen and Glenburn onto Breakoday across to Flowerdale.

Leaving the last of the Melbourne fog behind


Nippy country morning


Mullers Rd. as mentioned by Fuzzy....the complete name of "Muller Creek Rd" should have rung some bells!
As in "creek" equals valley or gully, something you drop into and climb out of....which, after a night of rain on red/ yellow clay turns pretty entertaining.

Made it! Well, half of it. Pretty spot!!



Never mind tracks and roads branching off everywhere along the way....


and thus started a busy morning of sweating the skids and slides above Hazeldene :)
Some benign and funny in hindsight, others at "fugg, this is gonna hurt".

Made it out of "Mullers" unscathed, and right across the main track onto McMahons Rd. for the first of the Diggers Links...




While on my arse after slipping for the last shot...





Mapping the next ride...
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A quick return to the top of McMahons Rd


before a return to the main drag for the final of the 3 Link roads



Will happily return to Diggers Gully and its branches another day, it seems a nice, quite pocket just a few k's off the main connector.

Some dark stuff takes the sparkle out of the bush and makes the soft, squishy stuff hard to see, time to turn home.


A quick scoot down Beale Ave


Peaceful Strathewen


Right across the valley...the top half of Bowden Spur


One last gravel detour along Ridge Rd./ Sugarloaf Reservoir

There's a huge, new Solar-Farm right next to the boat/ sailing club now, taking in the entire small peninsula/ hill.
Invisible from the main access road across the dam and picnic areas.




Yeah, yeah, I'm moving...



Mapping the next ride...
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At least the climb out of the Mullers gully is short and rocky and not clay.

Not just Mullers, but there seems to have been quite a bit of maintenance on many of the bush roads up there. Lots of them fairly recently re-surfaced / widened, and therefore soft+soggy after the night's rain before, roadside greenery and brush cut, fallen trees cut up and cleared, fresh run-offs and drainage humps etc.
Both sides of the gully were pretty even, I came in from the eastern end. Just enough stone in the soft earth/ clay mix for the old hoops to scrabble through.
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