Ride, Melbourne to Singleton and back


<-- now went that way
Made it to Corryong tonight, 500km worth. A little too much slabbing but we got the distance in and it was just so great to be out on the bikes in blue skies...


Sir Francis

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Hang on!

A Scrambler and a SuperMoto and your mates wont ride on dirt....:oops:

Great photos by the way
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<-- now went that way
Day 2

Corryong to Canberra...

So Nana's bone handle bread and butter knife did alright today... It carved up a gaggle of ultra modern sports bikes on the Khancoban Cabramurra Rd today.... 3 times! (I kept stopping for photos)

Very enjoyable..

Made Canberra tonight for a lazy 320km..



Mapping the next ride...
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Oh yeah, THAT stretch!
The top end tucks left into the bush, away from that clear path underneath the power lines.
Coming the other way and knowing well what to expect, the 2 wallabies at the verge started to move last second.

The only time ever I've closed my eyes at 90kmh and totally relaxed ready for the big bang.
All ended with a little speedhump -thumper running over the root of the tail of the bugger who'd decided on a 180 at the very last moment.

Great piece of road!:kicking:
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