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22.March Sat/Sun/?Mon? Overnighter (1- 2 nights)

Camperdown-> Timboon RailTrail -> Port Campbell ~65k's

Edit: 22-24...
2 nights @ Port Campbell.

Still aching from this one :)
Stayed the 2 nights at a dark and drizzly/ rainy Port Campell while it was certainly brighter and drier further inland in Camperdown, Cobden and Timboon.

Vics West having a pretty fiery past was news to us, particularly the expanse of it.
Some shots from Mt. Leura at the edge of Camperdown overlooking the plains and volcanic lakes.




Trailhead near Lake Bullen Merri https://bit.ly/4aa0sn6
and meeting up with Peter and Andy from Goodies Walking Group for some company over the 60odd k's and the needed car-shuffle to get everyone and their gear to the right places.




Better do a quick pan around.... hides seem to be in big demand around here. :)

And on goes the crunching of the red-brown Scoria towards Cobden and Timboon. No surprise it's only sheep and cattle around here, nothing much but sparse grass grows on this stuff.


The wind is picking up, a strong breeze coming from the coast makes you thankful for every meter spent between trees and bushes, longer exposed stretches are a pain.



Not much left of the railway-structures...




The most interesting part ...was also the slowest.
About 7-8km north of Timboon the line follows a narrow gully, the creek along the bottom required a series of trestle-bridges.
Nowadays the cycle track turns single path and winds itself through the thick greenery around and under the remnants.





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A bit of a denture-check and harsh sleeper-bouncing for a few k's of old tracks before the cruel 5k's of uphill into Timboon.


The shit you do for an icecream, aye?


The 20k's "down to the coast at Port Campbell" turned into a hard, somewhat boring slog into the ever increasing wind and drizzle coming from the ocean, apparently a regular thing around here as we were told by the locals later. Some downhill fun for the last 2k's into town at last to finish the day.

Wind howling, rain+drizzle alternating all night, a quick pack-up and getting the hell outta Dodge for a sunny brecky in Colac for the wrap up.

40k's Camperdown to Timboon are recommendable
The extension track to Port Campbell is rather so-so.
Average speed ~10kmh due to the constant head winds from the coast and a power-sapping gravel/ scoria surface.... bring your anti-cramp-pills.
Taxi for small groups with bike trailer if needed is locally available (Timboon-Base).
The Timboon Ice-creamery is pretty average. Didn't try the Distillery due to running late.
Port Campbell NRMA Caravan Park....served its purpose, enough said.
Port Campbell tucker.... it's a tourist-trap, don't expect too much. Still decent bang-for-buck at the 12Rocks Cafe https://bit.ly/3TRMXD6
It's a 3.5hr road trip from the Eastern Subs, taking the shortest routes (not GOR etc)

Curiosity satisfied? Yes.
Do it again? No.


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Noice. :2thumbs-up:

Mount Leura, betcha didn't ride up there.

Helen wouldn't walk across that bridge.

Riding up? Ya nuts?
That's a decent lump of "volcanic cone"....Best twisties for a moto between Melbourne and Adelaide! :)

Helen would be most likely smarter than the 4 of us together were...
that footbridge is held together with a dozen agi-props and a half-mile of hoop-iron :icon-demon-:

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