NZ rocks !!


Mapping the next ride...
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If it ain't right or left it sure as hell is up and down !!!
And most times it's both at the same time.
Jeezaz, what a place... :D :D :D
You hate bends? Blind crests mid-corner? Scenerey that tries soooo hard to make you run off the road every 5 minutes?
You hate near-perfectly cambered twisties where the right-left swap makes the stomach lurch as the frontend sucks air as it jumps the "crest" between the 2 cambers?
Stiff sh*t, stay at home then :D

(Physically only) back after 5 weeks in NZ ride, it's a major effort to show any interest of what went on and still is going on around home/ work/the globe and all that.
What an incredible ride !!!!
Bike shipping went well (at least so far, bikes are on their return leg until mid-April) thanks to Dave Milligan.
All bikes went well, no breakdowns, only one flat tyre and some minor scrapes. Everyone back safe and sound.
Near 8000km of mega-bliss, NZ really rocks, ohhh gawd, does it ever !!
Little traffic, cops who are refreshingly normal compared to the usual "enslaved Victorian tax-collectors", good roads and scenerey to gawk speechlessly...
Great folks, too...hardly a stop without someone coming along for a chat.

The biggest curse is gravel which slows down any exuberant forays into "serious fang-mode".
It can be absolutely anywhere.

NZ is a wet-dream on a bike (and quite regularly a "brown" dream, too...check jocks
Definitely on a par with the Euro-Alps (done in 2001 and on again
for 2007), but way different.
We were lucky too, with little rain and temps around the 20C and above, more later once I've collected the pics from everyone and have
time to set up a webpage to carry the ride-report/ diary/ pics.
If you've ever even dreamt about it.... quit fugging around and get across there....PRONTO.

Hope, everyone had a good Easter.

(dreaming....while cleaning the cow-shit off the leathers, that last cattle-crossing was a b**ch and it went up to mid-thigh


Have to totally agree with youre sumation of the place Pete.Having driven round N.Z. twice,both times in cars and buses unfortunately(I have a half valid excuse-1st time I was 10),last time about 5 years ago,all I kept thinking was how absolutely superb these roads would be for riding,without a doubt,anywhere Ive been in this world,the best "pure" riding roads I have ever seen.Being basically a volcanic island the way their topography goes,caters for endless twisties,kinda like Tassie on steroids.Just have to watch out for the estimated 70 million possums,of which a fair portion seemed to be roadkill.


Just have to watch out for the estimated 70 million possums,
AND their supersonic postmen!
~ eh Pete?
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