New Years Eve Jaunt


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Finally found some time to get out on the horse between Christmas and New Year (Just!)

A leisurely ride at no great pace out the back of Harkaway, Gembrook, Launching Place, Kurth Kiln etc.

2023-12-31 14.15.24.jpg

Stopped at RJ Chambers reserve for a quick drinks break and check where I was (I was just going where the map still had a line)

Some nice quiet roads away from people at this time of year!

2023-12-31 14.15.13.jpg

Found myself pop out the top of Launching Place so decided to duck down Beenak Road out the back of Kurth Kiln and have a ride through there.
Quick stop for a drink and then onwards to home.

2023-12-31 15.01.04.jpg

Squirt back via Warby Hwy and some back roads, then over the top of the hill and down Basin-Olinda Road. Home to give the horse a bath.

2023-12-31 16.19.36.jpg

Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year filled with lots of riding! :)
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Mapping the next ride...
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Nice loop! :)...and Happy New Years!

Give us a hoy when ready for the next one....lots of nice (and surprising) extras along that track.

Maybe try this one at some stage....
narrow gravel in the back of "Upper Gully", tiny, narrow valley single-laners in Upwey, Mt. Morton single-lane sealed and gravel... speccy vistas omn hobby-farm single-lane gravel with 28% climbs in Belgrave Sth....and all in a lousy ~20k's :glu

ps: don't mind the "No Thru Road" sign at Ferndale Rd. in FTG, just go through and drop into the court at the end.
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