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All the gear, no idea
Last weekend with our trusty steeds, my brother aboard "Pablo" (Aprillia Pegaso 650) and myself aboard "Mr Wang" (Benelli TRK 502X) we set out from Yarra Junction at lunchtime Friday, with the main objective of riding the Goldie spur track that skirts around the southern end of Mt Buffalo, the route to get there was kept in a loose plan given the rain and the wind we had just days prior to departure.

We stared off heading up to Cumberland junction then on the the Eildon Warburton road to or first detour via Rough hill road, Peters road then onto Bull range road. Bull range road put up the first challenge for MR Wang, he weighs in at a modest 230kg wet, the sudden and steep decline onto the road junction with 15 mile road we found our brakes and grip level where no match for gravity, and I was only in control for brief moment in time, on the loose gravel surface as I slide straight past my brother, cautiously picking his way down the slope. But of course once safely at the bottom I made out it was all skill ! The remaining sections of Bull range and then Dray track offered more opportunities to look at the scenery rather than crashing into it, and even a nice little creek crossing.

calming the adrenaline rush after the drop off on Bull range road

bull range road.jpg

Hard to see in the pic but its elevator country off there

Winding our way down to the Jamison Eildon road we had a pit stop looking out over lake Eildon before blasting into Mansfield for the night, we stayed at the Delatite Hotel, they offer traditional pub accommodation, and nice food, we paid $98 for a room with 2 beds, they also had some nice local brews to sample. A secure car park thats locked at night is available out the back
lake eildon from jamison eildon road at Kevington.jpg

Day 2 we left Mansfield after some running repairs on Pablo as he had lost some bolts the day before, we made way for Mt Buller and Craig's hut, near the summit of Mt Buller we turned off onto Cornhill road then The Circuit track, then up Clear hills to reach the Hut.
Once we left the hut we tried to continue down clear hills track but it was closed so we doubled back and descended back down to the circuit via Monument track ----- Well F&*$@K me--- that was even more challenging than Bull range only this time we had black mud, rocks, sticks, washouts, wheel ruts, and 4X4's coming the other way, as we come down each drop off over the erosion banks you had about half a seconded to pick you line, there was no stopping !!
We made it down with out stacking it a had a laugh at the rush it gave us, but it also gave some confidence going forward that we can tackle some fairly gnarly stuff.

A view along Corn hill road Mt Buller
Corn hill rod Mt buller.jpg

Craig's Hut
craigs hut.jpg

We headed back toward Mansfield, then took the old Tolmie road that brought us back onto the Mansfield Whitfield road, stopping at Powers look out and then Whitfield for lunch and fuel.
Powers look out.jpg

From Whitfield we took the Rose river road to Dandongadale where we found the start of the SEC track then the highlight, Goldie Spur Track

SEC Track and our first view of Mt Buffalo
SEC accees track mt buffalo.jpg

The new wall paper
the money shot.jpg

the wall goldie spur.jpg

So many more pics that I don't have room for here, but it was awesome track and in really good condition, you could ride it on anything, if you haven't done it already do your self a favour its magic.
We stopped the night in Mt Beauty and discussed the days adventure over a great curry at the Mountain Creek Motel.

Day three, Winding our way out of the kiewa valley in the morning sun was sublime, with stunning views of Mt Bogong and Mt buffalos north Easter face along Happy Valley road
Mt Bogon.jpg
Happy Valley road.jpg

We took loads of back roads and lanes from there toward Swanpool to numerous to mention, but they too offered up some good fun and some water crossings, and the only off for the weekend when the brother got stuck in a wheel rut that wasn't going the same way as him, no harm done.

Dropping down through the strahbogie ranges and past Polly McQuinn falls, a childhood swing hole when the family lived in Benalla many moons ago, through Alexandra and then home via the Acheron way, the dirt section of the Acheron quickly detreated into large fields of pot holes that could swallow a small car so the pace slowed to respectable pace so the monster holes could be spotted in time.
A great weekend with great memories, already planning the next, stay safe everyone.


Mapping the next ride...
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What a kick-off!!
Great yarn nicely garnished with some sweet, good quality pics...this is a joy to look at more than once. :clap:
Thanks for the ride-along (and little grins).
Also go along with the new wallpaper'll see it rotating through those thumbnails at the top of the page from time to time, too.

That that the later 2006/7? onwards version with the Yammie660?

Nice choice of route, too.

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