Curvy roads and gravel - Sweden has it all


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It's worth a visit.Öregrund

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The beer had a nice colour and tasted well. "Starköl" as written on the label, you can translate with "heavy duty beer". Fine I ordered another one.

It sure was worth "The Visit", thanks for the link.
Some interesting reading there, what a weird place.

As for that "Starköl"....could use a bottle right now :)

What a great read and sweet pics.
THANKS for the journey.


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Ok, let's go on: Aland Islands!

2023-09-04 Öregrund- Mariehamn (19a).jpg

As an autonomous region of Finland they have their own stamps, probably nowadays not a big business anymore.

2023-09-04 Öregrund- Mariehamn (24).jpg

Also own number plates. Would be a nice small one for a bike.


The capital of the Alands is Mariehamn. It seems to be a properous town with a famous quarter with the old captains villas. They celebrate their maritime history in this museum.


Of course there is a port for cruise ships. Sorry, no pics.


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Before I took the ferry I did some more sightseeing.


Very interesting are the maypoles every village has a different one. You find them all over in Sweden as well. The one on the right was still in good shape and the sail boats were turning round the pole.


I came to a cycle ferry, would they take me as well? No idea, they had already stopt business because it was already out of high season.





When I arrived one day before there was this big old building near to the harbour. I wanted to know what's all about.



What a surpise! It was build in 1828 by the Russians! Here was the westernmost point of the Russian empire. Probably Putin has heard of this building and is dreaming of bringing it back under Russian control.
This harbour was an important outpost way before because it is the shortest sailing journey from the Alands to Sweden.



See you in Sweden.


Mapping the next ride...
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Ok, let's go on: Aland Islands!

:clap: what a place!
Never heard of those islands before, always just considered any of the coastal stuff to be just part of the mainland.
And what a coloured history....then again, on2. thought, the Swedish Royals/ BlueBloods have always figured pretty big through the middle-ages -to - fairly recent in that part of the world.
Great history lesson on top of everything else.



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Back in Sweden with stunning weather and fine gravel and backroads. They have quite a large number of old farm estates all over in Sweden. Here are some examples of today.

2023-09-06 Hallstavik-Norköping 001.jpg

2023-09-06 Hallstavik-Norköping 003.JPG

2023-09-06 Hallstavik-Norköping 005.JPG

Later I reached the shoreline again. There were signposts for a Café unfortunately at was already in low season mode. As so often already in the last week of August some touristic places are in low season mode. But what a nice place to stop.

2023-09-06 Hallstavik-Norköping 007.JPG

2023-09-06 Hallstavik-Norköping 011.JPG

2023-09-06 Hallstavik-Norköping 008.JPG

The hotel today was in Norrkoeping. It was a perfect stay in this small hotel!
Norrkoeping changes the harbour area into a residential area. You can have a nice walk from the harbour along the river with a lot of interesting places.

2023-09-06 Hallstavik-Norköping 019.jpg2023-09-06 Hallstavik-Norköping 021.jpg

Norrköping by Johnny Asp.jpg
Source: Johnny Asp

Today I passed through Stockholm on the motorway without stopping. You shoudn't do this. But I was on a mission and we have been to Stockholm before.


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A nice ride comes to an end, sailing with the night ferry to Travemuende again.

What stays in mind:
Perfect gravel roads, nice curvy roads both can easy be followed by the app
Stegra shows if the road turns into private road sooner or later so very useful.

Nomad of Sweden has a good introduction into Swedens roads.

End of August is already the end of the high season some cafés are already closed but booking a hotel is no problem. I did bookings by booking at lunch time was never problem.
Hotels to mention.
Kroeken near Vetlanda
Norrkoeping Soedra Hotel

Thanks for coming along 🙂 :smilie-wave:

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