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I will remember the town Gaevle not for good. Because my SW-Motech bag was stolen in front of the first hotel in town.

That sux!

Never seen one of those bags, looks neat.

The yellow one will be perfect for NZ :)


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Cause I spent quite some time running around Gaevle to finally buy the yellow bag I decided to spend the rest of the day in town. On top it was cold and drizzling.

First down to the harbour. Same as in every old habour-town warehouses were transferred to appartments and some new buildings changed the old shabby harbour atmosphere.

2023-09-01 Gävle (7).jpg

A look in the old town of Gaevle.
2023-09-01 Gävle (15).JPG

As I said before water was high in the rivers.
2023-09-01 Gävle (20).jpg

In the evening they lighted thousands of small lamps along the river. People were stroling along and at one place there was free life music. A relaxed atmosphere, perhaps typical Swedish? What surprised me: No one was selling something: No Hamburgers, nothing to drink, no icecream. In Germany there would have been a pack of selling booths.

2023-09-01 Gävle (30).jpg

2023-09-01 Gävle (39).jpg


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Sunday morning was a bit chilly but ok for the next ride. Weather report said it should be better during the day. So downstairs for a big breakfast and then start going south again staying near to the coast. East of Skarlinge I spent some time on the gravel roads. Ended up finally in the nice little town Oeregrund. It's worth a visit.Öregrund

2023-09-03 Gävle-Öregrund (001).jpg

After checking in at the B&B. I started a walk and fond some nice spots.
It turned out that my new yellow travel partner was easy to fix with two straps on each side.

2023-09-03 Gävle-Öregrund (3).jpg

They also have grey and mint coloured houses.

2023-09-03 Gävle-Öregrund (7).JPG

2023-09-03 Gävle-Öregrund (8).JPG

Harbour views.

2023-09-03 Gävle-Öregrund (9).JPG2023-09-03 Gävle-Öregrund (10).JPG

I have often heard that the Swedish know how to party. Unfortunately the party was over.

2023-09-03 Gävle-Öregrund (11).JPG

So I ended the day again with Swedish cuisine and a beer.

2023-09-03 Gävle-Öregrund (17).jpg
2023-09-03 Gävle-Öregrund (16).jpg

The beer had a nice colour and tasted well. "Starköl" as written on the label, you can translate with "heavy duty beer". Fine I ordered another one.


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Between Sweden and Finland is the archipelago of the Aland Islands, it belongs to Finland but has an autonomous administration.Åland
I was thinking the last two days if it is worth hopping over for a day.
Today I decided to give it a shot.


Did again some nice backroad riding on the way to the ferry. And found again a lot of views that form the typical picture that German tourists have of Sweden.

2023-09-04 Öregrund- Mariehamn (2).JPG

2023-09-04 Öregrund- Mariehamn (5).jpg

2023-09-04 Öregrund- Mariehamn (6).JPG2023-09-04 Öregrund- Mariehamn (12).JPG


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Some busses were parking in the harbour. On the ferry I noticed it is a duty-free ride to the achipelago and back. So the Swedish come for a booze-cruise.

2023-09-04 Öregrund- Mariehamn (13).JPG

The weather was perfect. The first sight on the Aland islands was this building which I visited the next day.

2023-09-04 Öregrund- Mariehamn (18).JPG

I had enough time to do some exploring on the main island before the sun goes down.

2023-09-04 Öregrund- Mariehamn (20).JPG
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