Curvy roads and gravel - Sweden has it all


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You often hear that Swedish roads are boring for bikers, the saying is: They are straight and at least 2-lane tarmac. No way man!

And on top Sweden has a huge system of serviced gravel roads.
2023-08-29 Trelleborg (13).JPEG

If you look for curvy roads and gravel. Sweden is happy to serve you with thousands of Kilometers of one laners and dirt roads which sneak around every big boulder or pond which might be in the way.
In the beginning of September 2023 I was on a 10 day trip starting in Trelleborg, which is a ferryport in the southern tip of Sweden. I drove up to Gaevle around 190 km north of Stockholm and then via the Aland Islands back to Trelleborg.
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If you start your bike trip in a ferryport there must be a story before. Cause I'm longing for comfort the KTM has to ride on a trailer from my hometown to Travemuende the German ferryport. There is a campingarea just 4 km from the jetty, ideal to park car and trailer.
2023-08-28 Travemünde (001).jpg

Fourth traveller in the row, I was quite early for the night ferry. A working smartphone is quite necessary - no service crew in the booths any more!
2023-08-28 Travemünde (2a).jpg

Ready for boarding the night ferry of the German-Swedish TT-Line.
2023-08-28 Travemünde (4).jpg

On board I was in doubt if I entered the right ferry looking at the Cypriot flag. All good - just much cheaper if they register the ship in Cyprus.
2023-08-28 Travemünde (7).jpg

Coming and going in the ferryport. Time to have a beer and go to sleep.
2023-08-28 Travemünde (8).jpg


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It is not a long journey from Travemuende to Trelleborg so you have to sleep fast to be ready for breakfast at 05:30. And the crew is pushing! Probably their shift ends in Trelleborg.
Sweden greets with a lovely sunrise.

2023-08-29 Trelleborg (001).JPEG

The early start allows a long distance for day one in Skane and Smaland the two southern regions. this is the southern part of day one.


It was a bit chilly and despite the promising sunrise the clouds didn't disappear.
Swedens south is mainly agricultural farmland with small country roads with tarmac or gravel, so perfect for me. If you are in a hurry no problem, the bigger cities are connected with 4-lane Motorways which allow a high mileage due to low traffic and perfect condition. Watch out for speed limits it changes all the time 70 km/h, 90 km/h on smaller roads; 110 or 120 km/h on motorways.

2023-08-29 Trelleborg (2).JPEG

Nice misty atmosphere at the Ringsjoen Lake near Hoerby. North of Ringsjoen lake the land use changes it is a mixture of fields and forest from now on.

2023-08-29 Trelleborg (2a).jpg

Before I reached the small town of Loensboda for a lunch break I learned something about the hewing of black granite which had its haytime here around 1900. Places like this or beaches at the lakes are always kept in a very good condition probably by the local community. No litter no vandalism. All informations along the way are in Swedish and English so it is very easy travelling.

2023-08-29 Trelleborg (8).jpg

2023-08-29 Trelleborg (7).jpg
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The first 2 letters of your number plate would suit a lot of people over here :) , I know at least 2, one of them is me :LOL:

Great photos :love:

Yes, the Tassie ferry gets in at 5.30 as well, and everyone has to be ready to go :sleep:


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By the time it was time for Lunch. If you are near Loensboda and you are hungry or need a coffee then Cafe Kronan is the place to be. The food is worth the money and you find yourself in a nice place.

2023-08-29 Trelleborg (7a).jpg

2023-08-29 Trelleborg (11).jpg

I was surprised about the pricing of restaurants and hotels on this trip. My last stay in Sweden is about 5 years ago and compared to Germany it was quite expensive. In September 2023 the level was more or less the same than in Germany as long as you stay away from alcohol which still is expensive, but hey who needs a beer?
Batteries were charged and I was ready for the second leg.

2023-08-29 Trelleborg (11a).jpg

Scenery and roads were fine.

2023-08-29 Trelleborg (12).jpg

2023-08-29 Trelleborg (13).jpg

Finally I reached Hotel Kroeken in the middle of nowhere about 25 km east of Vetlanda. A Belgian and French couple runs the place. Hot tub, sauna and a cosy restaurant included.2023-08-30 Elmhult (001).jpg

2023-08-29 Trelleborg (14).jpg2023-08-29 Trelleborg (21).jpg

Time for a Belgian beer in Sweden and I called it a day.

2023-08-29 Trelleborg (20).jpg


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Next day the covered distance was low therefore a lot of stops for pics and taking Sweden in.

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (001).jpg

Just a few km from the Hotel I found this entrepreneurs villa oppossite of the magazine.

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (3).JPG

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (5).JPG

Canoeing is a big thing in that area. I found this sign at the side of the road.

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (7).JPG

I kept on riding through the countryside.

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (8).JPG

This one occupied the counter of an open air mining museum. I respected his sleep.

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (9).JPG

Wonderful Swedish country home.

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (13).JPG
You see millions of the typical Swedish wooden houses, not always in the typical dark red colour and of course not all so well kept as this one. But driving around you get the idea every Swede (10 millions) has at least two houses.

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (11).JPG

Stopover at a lake beside the road with free camping for canoeists, beach, landing, shower only thing missing is a restaurant.

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (17).JPG

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (16).JPG

Time for a coffee in Eksjoe.

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (18).JPG

When I reached Lake Vaettern, which is 130 km long and the 2nd largest lake in Sweden, I tried to follow the shore line as close as possible, it wasn't that easy.

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (21).JPG

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (22).jpg

The day ended in Hjo at the shore of lake Vaettern. The town is worth a stop, you should stroll through the center, parc and harbour. Hjo welcomes guests since the beginning of the last century.

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (29).JPG

2023-08-30 Elmhult-Hjo (32).JPG

Love that town!
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