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Mapping the next ride...
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Changing plans around for the start of the day.
Things started to get a bit weary, the previous days of gravel, dirt, on-the-fly repairs and navigation started to take their toll.

The Eskdale Spur option was shelved for an asphalt run across the Lockhard's Gap and Northern Redbank Rd. for an easy, scenic run to hook back into the base-route
at the Happy Valley Turn-off for the backways up to Mt. Porepunkah Firetower, hopefully this time not as foggy as the previous's day Mt. Benambra.
A cheery send-off by our hosts at the Eskdale pub and standup brecky in the hallway helped us on our way...


Veering south off the Happy Valley Rd. to Kancoona certainly brought a few surprises... firstly an extended 9km of single lane bitumen up another very pretty and picturesque valley....a Scottish castle amidst the Vic High Country farmland, wtf?? ....


and an unexpectedly long climb up onto the ridges above the Ovens Valley, Bright, Porepunkah, Buckland and the spread out Alpine vistas of Mount Buffalo :icon-stumped-::icon-stumped-::glu




Mt. Buffalo opposite....."The Horn" clearly on the skyline. We'll nip down the valley on the bottom left and run the Goldie Spur around that lefthand shoulder next.


Cracker spot... and the locals agree :)

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Clear weather up top made it a great day for pics... it was still damn cold up there though, unfortunately this fire had been out for some time



Before lunch, the scenery just got better.


Inspired by the mountains, the Hima went into full-on arty B&W mode

Lunch at a beautiful spot, but not before Squizz took Marty up the hill on a wild goose chase at the turnoff. While they were gone it was my turn to use the toilet paper - a beautiful wood-scented bathroom with views.

Also that Old Ukrainian woman reappeared


Windows 95 strikes again

Then another slab into Mansfield... we were all pretty tired and emotional by this stage. Nice digs again, with a crappy dam/pond but still, ducks!

Beer and pizza at the local "Social Bandit Brewery" followed thereafter... I ate a lot of chilli and jalapenos. Marty and Squizz being men of weaker constitution simpler tastes went for the Aussie... we got a pork slider pizza for Pete!
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It's getting harder to pic out shots to post, there are so many lovely vistas.



Marty had a problem, toilet just over the fence, but probably CCTV would be watching. We left him to solve the problem, hopefully no pictures for that one.


On the way to the top for lunch. I am sure Pete said "top of the hill for lunch", so when Marty pointed up the hill, that's where I went.
I found out I was very happy with the DRz in it's ability to make up for my lack of ability:D



Mapping the next ride...
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On the way to the top for lunch. I am sure Pete said "top of the hill for lunch", so when Marty pointed up the hill, that's where I went.


...That thing even has the fitting name "Buggery Track", check post #3 in this thread

I was a little disappointed that they've build one of those low concrete bridges across that creek at the southern end of the Goldie Spur/ start of the SEC track, it used to be a nice little crossing
with a fair step-up/ down the western bank.
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