Another lovely Sunday.


Part of the furniture
Nice sunny morning, blue sky, time to escape before any tasks appear.

Out through Whittlesea via Buttermans Track and Arthurs Creek.

Saw a few about, but they all looked happy enough.


Murchinson Gap is always a nice spot for lunch and photo, well sometimes anyway.




Six carloads of people came and went whilst I had my lunch, got out went to the lookout and quickly scurried back to the warmth of the cars. I had a nice lunch.


Strath Creek/Flowerdale Rd is now 80ks. WTF.

Heated gloves on low, heated grips on low, all good.


And I thought I was crazy. Was going to go up to the top of the hill, but no, maybe on the DRz.

Back across to Kinglake and a nice view across to the city.


Back home with around 220ks. Good day was had.

Cheers Ian


Long Timer
Strath Creek/Flowerdale Rd is now 80ks. WTF.
I thought the same thing when I came back that way a few weeks ago.
They love sitting there in a camera car too. Have seen them there plenty. They tend to sit on the straight after the sweeping right (if you're heading towards Strath).
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