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Mapping the next ride...
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You're goin' to Hell too!

:bs Shit, you had me there for a sec!!

Thought some "Divine Hand" had shoved me across to the NetRiders forum.
There was some loony, PITA preacher/chaplain/whatever there who regularly came up with that sorta stuff :giggle:


Mapping the next ride...
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Good Friday could work for me

Lets earmark the Friday then (I'm easy, whatever).

Tack on a few extra bits to "fluff up" the route somewhat....add Pauls Range near Healesville? Donnellys Weir and the creek crossing? I've also never finished my exploration of Weasel Creek Rd, cutting across from Myers Creek to Chum Creek Rds.south of Toolangi.... been up it ~70%? of the way before but couldn't let Goodie wait any longer for my return... maybe it's walkers only nowadays? Nothing better than go and find out. :)
BYO lunch somewhere in the sticks again....and home early for some family stuff.

Depending on how things go I might take the little XT250 for the run, it needs the oil warmed up.


Getting the hang of it
Pete may need a crash course in crossing rivers or I may get you to do it for me !!!!!! :) :)


Part of the furniture
Reminds me of the time, on the CB1300 with the Classic Trailer, at the Spaghetti Rally site (on the Ovens River flats at Edi Cutting). Access to the flats was over a little creek, only 5m or so and 200mm deep but with some large, submerged river rocks, enough to put a bike off-balance and result in an orf.

Quite a few of the red necks had set themselves up, chairs, esky and beers, having a laugh at the unfortunates who had a spill. We made it across the creek without any misfortune, Helen waded through, I picked a safe line on the CB. Mate behind me also made it across unscathed, stopped and went back to the red necks and gave them a spray. A couple of them gave him a finger or two, but a few of them were embarrassed enough to help other across the creek.

Pic of the CB & Classic for the newbies.


Mapping the next ride...
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Sounds like the old days on the Wenlock (River) up at Cape York.
Pissed-by-9am cheer squad on the northern bank in front of their tents, hollering and jeering every poor bastard who stalled or got stuck in the sandy river-bed, water a good 2ft deep, bow-wave at the bonnet.
The clowns even pitched their tents in front of the next trees that could be used for winching....or mooring a little Suzuki 4WD that was light enough to be floating downriver.
Humanity will never run out of its fair quota of dumbf*cks.
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