10700 km, Mini tour in OZ


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The plan was a fairly simple one. Ride to Brisbane, (from Melbourne) pick up a couple of mates, head off on a jaunt that would take us to Adels Grove 90 kms from Gregory in the north west of Queensland, then head down to Boulia and across the Plenty Highway to Alice Springs.
Checking out Uluru and surrounds, and potentially heading across the Great Central Road to Perth. Or taking the Southern Route through Oodnadatta track and down to Flinders Ranges and the Eyre Peninsula.
The latter was chosen as our route, due to a few set backs and hold ups along the way.
Anyway, it was a cracker of a trip. And there’s still a shipload of OZ to see.
So here begins a Pictograph of my journey.

1st stop on my way North. Tocumwal. After the Cafe nearly cleaned out the funds for the trip, I set off for Parkes NSW. The first of many nights on the road.


It was slightly warmer than Melbourne, so I walked up to the nearest Restaurant.


Elvis wasn’t around, but I had a great feed and was in bed early for another few hundred km’s the following day.

The next night was at Warialda.

A nice van Park, with cabins too. It was hot during the day but very cool at night. I stayed in a cabin, wandered into town for a feed at the Pub.


They take their Pastures very seriously in these parts.


I was more interested in finding the Saloon, which being a Sunday I wondered if it would be open. And it was. A feast fit for a weary traveller was procured and I tottered back to the accom.


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I rode the next day from Warialda to Brisbane, via Texas, which is a nice part of the world. The border between NSW and Qld is here.

The XT was fairly loaded, with all my camping gear clothes and emergency water supplies for the Outback.


If I dropped it, I’d be calling for a chopper to lift it up. My short legs weren’t going to be of any use In that scenario.


I had a few days rest in Brisbane and completed an oil change and a bit of fettling before we kicked off the trip.
The morning of the set off from Brisbane. Sunday 13th August.


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Heading West to Mitchell for the first night.
The Beemer was running rough and lost power just as we rolled into town.

The Campground was a safe haven to diagnose the issue. Which was a suspected dodgy fuel pump.
A Sunday night in Mitchell, not too many Motorcycle shops in town!


Monday morning soon came around, and a few phone calls later we were headed back to Roma. A fuel pump would be freighted overnight and fitted on Tuesday morning. So we had some time to kill in Roma. Nice town too!

This bike shop proved to be an excellent choice of repairer. A quick turnaround and we were on our way again.


Motel Accom in Roma. With a shaded area for the bikes. How Posh!


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We left Roma around 11.00 am and headed for Tambo.
dji_fly_20230815_165434_20_1692082494386_photo_Original.jpegHere we scored a free camp by the creek.


The beautiful night sky was a backdrop for campers. And the Vans were lit up like Xmas trees.

This little shit tried climbing up my back. Definitely not afraid of human contact. He was just looking for a feed.



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Tambo to Longreach was the next day. We spent the arvo having a look around the Qantas museum.



Interesting place. Outback life in the early days. Iodine for the outside, Whiskey for the inside. Quite easy being a doctor out here back in the day!




The ST 1300 would make it to here, No worries!
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The next morning we were on the road by 8 am. Heading for Julia Creek.
It was getting windy and it was warm, so once arrived and camp set up we retreated to a wonderful old building with a XXXX sign at the front.




These places were a hub for passing truckers, desert adventurers and of course the locals. Mostly staffed by French/Argentinian backpackers. Julia Creek was a nice place to stop.



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It was breakfast at a Cafe in Julia Creek, then we hit the road for the Burke and Wills Roadhouse at 4 Ways. The food was a bit ordinary but they had fuel so we took the opportunity to fill up.


A stop at Gregory before heading into Adels Grove.


The shoulders were wider than the road, and in them lurked deep sand and ruts. The road was unsealed for about 80km, so it was great to be on a heavily laden bike as we navigated sandy sections getting into Adels Grove.

Some of the road into Lawn Hill looked like this. And some of it didn’t.
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