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Default Re: retracing my past

thanks for the positive feedback,
here's the last day of the journey over, however i stayed in Adelaide for a week. before returning home via the inland route. so I may write a bit on the return as i never got around to at the time - too tired that night

Day 4: strathalbyn - adelaide
Today was the shortest day of riding.
Everything has been at a relaxed pace, without any thoughts to schedule or distance needed. As I was so close to adelaide. But kept to my plan and detoured down the peninsula.
The ride to goolwa was through fields of long grass. Inviting me to run out into them with my hands spread wide, grazing the top. However I stayed my path and quickly came into goolwa. It was a bittersweet moment. As despite 5 years passing it looked excatly the same as I remembered those years ago. Last time I was here it was with my father renovating the property he had. Was strange not to have the family with me.
Then it was a easy ride at sedate speeds to Victor Harbour. As a young child coming here on day trips I didn't appreciate how beautiful of a spot this is. With its bluffs overlooking the island. With a wooden peir connecting it to shore. Complete with horse drawn carriage. A truly picturesque sight especially the crystal clear water. Despite the distance covered in the last few days. I had a chance encounter that shows how small the world is. As I was greeted by some old work colleague's from my time in the bike industry at Melbourne. They had also ridden down. As there was a large harley gathering.
Then it was off to continue snaking my way around the peninsula. The landscape was full of rolling hills, with evenly sloping sides like over grown mounds. Covered in bright grass. Broken up like a patchwork quilt by fields. Was an easy going relaxed pace, as I made my way through the McClaren vale vineyards, that like so many car trips of my youth signaled that I was almost there. Being a few hours ahead of schedule I detoured through norlunga to see the beach of my young childhood and the reef we used to snorkel.
Then I made my way over a few hills and into adelaide on a road I drove several times a week as a teenager. As I came up that last crest I saw adelaide greeting me like an old friend. Familiar yet distant.
My first stop was the house I spent many years in Brighton. Seeing the cars lining the street, and knowing my old neighbors... I walked into their grandfinal party to their surprise and had a catch-up.
I felt it fitting today to end this part of my journey, where I began my move to Melbourne those years ago. Sitting writing this on a park bench next to the house I last lived in
The first picture today is the view I had everyday while I was here for that year or two
A nice way to come full circle.

"Anything that gets you're blood racing, is probably worth doing" - Hunter S Thompson
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Paul n Dixie
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Default Re: retracing my past

Very enjoyable spenaroo and quite personal, thanks for sharing that time in your life
A.K.A Dyson -because I suck on dirt!
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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: retracing my past

Helloooo, what a yarn for a "First Effort"

Love the personal angle on it... it lifts the game from "good" to "excellent"
And it's all about the journey + travel + places.... rather than trivialities of bike, tyres or statistics.

Well done, love it!!
Maybe one idea for the next'd be appreciated if you captioned the pics by either a short "what+where"
or by draping the text sequentially around the pics to "make it flow" (meshing text and pics into a continuous yarn, with a few pointers of what's what+ where))
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