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Pit Crew
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Default Re: A little bit more of NZ ......

Originally Posted by nev View Post
It's an exclamation mark warning sign. It means you should be on the lookout for some hazard. They're all over the south island.
I'd figured that, but don't remember them on the South Island.

Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Any chance to either reduce your pic sizes before uploading .....
Pics taken with Canon, stored on and then loaded from SD card to laptop hard drive, loaded into Photobucket, then share link put on AusTouring. Same process for all, I'll check though.
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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: A little bit more of NZ ......

Just right-click the first pic in the thread (Helen Place) and choose: "View Image Info"

Size shows as : 157.28 KB (161,057 bytes)
Dimensions : 960px 720px

Scroll down to the later pics:

Like this one:

Size shows as : 11,769.31 KB (12,051,772 bytes) (which is over 70x the size of Helen Place!!)
Dimensions : 5,184px 3,456px

The "scaled" size is what the forum software has done to it AFTER it was downloaded at full res from Photobucket.

Doesn't Photobucket offer an option to link the same pic in different resolutions (and therefore file sizes)?
Or resize the res/ file size at time of upload?
SmugMug offers 4 or 5 different resolutions, with a separate link each.
Don't know about Flickr....Imgur offers 3 sizes, Google knocks them down to 1080 width on upload unless you want to use their "big-file" quota.

My picxs out of the Panasonics are all around the 5-8mb off the SD-card....I then quickly batch-resize them with one of the many free resize tools
(i.e. 600 pics take about 30 seconds processing)
before uploading to the photo-site.
IrfanView is a free piece of software that does batch rename+resize all in one well as handle nearly any grafix format on the planet.

This way I get fast uploads.... as well as quick-opening pages with lots of photos.
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Default Re: A little bit more of NZ ......

Hi Pete, I think you should copy your last two posts and put them into FAQ or somewhere as an information. Makes it easier for newbies like me.

But now I like to see more from the North Island, thanks for taking he time to post.
Ciao Gero
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