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Still young and stupid
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Default 2.5 Bikes, 2 Riders, 9 wheels

Ok, so you have seen the back story, 6 years on and a lot of support from people across the USA and the world and so soon hopefully we might get a chance to share a meal with a few of you over a beer or 2, or maybe get the chance to ride shoulder to shoulder as we cross the great land.

We have been talking and dreaming about achieving this for some time now, and it's time to either bite the bullet and try it, or regret it forever.

Is it stupidity to think a couple (one a paraplegic) could cross the USA on 2 & a half bikes? Well we are planning to find out. The plan is to take 10 weeks to criss cross and zig zag our way from LA to NY, to see the sights and enjoy the freedom and those unique views and sensations that only a motorcyclist understands.

So a bit about the bikes and riders, well I can confirm one starter will be the heavily modded KTM 690 SMR, prep'd with wheel chair rack, also fitted with one paraplegic wife pilot. Wild, reckless, noisey and stunningly beautiful.

Second bike will be a DL650 piloted by yours truly.

The whole idea of the trip is see the main sights and attractions and but also to experience and see the many wonderful natural settings. For the most part I assume, with a wheelchair in tow, the views you get from the roads surpass where I can get her in a chair. Hopefully mix all that in with meeting a lot of friends from international forums and getting a chance share stories and experiences on an amazing trip.

Here is a rough map basically outlining our planned route.


We are flying into LA on the 14th of June. Mostly you will note it tries to incorporate the sights as well as some of your most amazing riding roads, but please feel free to add input to the route as local knowledge is always a bonus. We are semi flexiable on the route and can adjust to the left or right if you're maybe located to either side of the squiggly line and would be keen to met us and it ties in with an end of day stops, we would love to meet you too and will do our best to try and make it happen where possible. We do have certain places were we would like to spend a few days/nights and in other parts it will just be an overnight stop. We are slowly starting to work out these parts so again some knowledge on approx times to ride some passes would be great.

To try and keep the cost down we are looking at varous options from carrying camping gear with us to couch hopping (in lenna's case couch rolling, haha) as well as mixing that in with the hotel accommodation

Anyway, we look forward to your input and please post up your approx area if you're keen to try and catch up with us as we pass through on what should hopefully be an epic ride.

Will be putting up our day schedule aswell so if you wanna catchup as we pass through please shout out. With my wife a paraplegic we have had to plan some nights (and distance on certain days to reflect delay times we might encounter.

Anyway more detailed maps to follow, and hopefully see a few of you on the road (I know some here think adventure riding is off road, but try riding a bike when you can't walk, to us that adventurous enough, for the time being anyway)

Thanks to a couple of forums members here Nev, for his gps advice, and Glitch for a couple of spares parts also to roarin (dunno if he still reads this), but mostly without he work this would never of happened.

bikes leave for LA in 7 days and we are 3 days after that
Cheers Adam
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Default Re: 2.5 Bikes, 2 Riders, 9 wheels


can I beg you for a ride report with loads of pics?
"Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity"
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The 2 Headed Tassie Pyro
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Default Re: 2.5 Bikes, 2 Riders, 9 wheels

Fantastic, Stew!

Look forward to the report, hope you guys have a blast.

Did you get the SMR made?
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two wheels are best
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Default Re: 2.5 Bikes, 2 Riders, 9 wheels

Wow. Looking forward to the RR .
Originally Posted by stewy View Post
Wild, reckless, noisey and stunningly beautiful.
Is that a description of your wife or her bike ?
.... Peter.
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Captn Spock
Ride along and prosper
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Default Re: 2.5 Bikes, 2 Riders, 9 wheels

That is just amazing Adam. I am very happy for you and your wife. Enjoy!! As others have said, we look forward to the RR and pics
I am new to adventure touring!!

Current bikes -
2012 Suzuki V-Strom 650 (very new!)
2005 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R - The speed demon!
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