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I like it dirty
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Default 1st ride in the new surroundings

hey all,
lil and i went for a look around at the weekend in cairns.
i have to say there are some amazing roads in the tablelands here.
we headed up to kuranda, it was a twisting uphill stretch and it was great fun, got into the village to have a look around. hippy central and you could tell by the smell of the herbs growing around.
then headed to mareeba which wasnt so exciting but it got us to atherton and onto the gillies range, sweet mother of someone its an outstanding bit of road. like the blackspur but more of it. be better on the climb than the decent but amazing fun never the less.
stopped off at the curtain fig tree which was quite spectacular.

the is the DSMRA up here which it the dual sport club, i have to say judging by the pix these are not dual sport and i doubt me on my KLR would be a welcome sight. Although i could probably go where the go, the dont want a little bloke on a monster bike showing them i can.
Its a shame, but it KTM,WR or nothing with these blokes.

Nevermind, as soon as i get 2 days off in a row Im heading for the crib track and see whats what.
Would post up some pix but still waiting on finding all my bits and bobs to hook everything up.
So far the weather is amazing, 29 and sunny everyday, this will change when the rain comes but its not for long and i can persever for 9 months perfect riding weather.
just need to find the time to fit it all in now.
The kawasaki place up here doesnt deserve the name, no oil, no sprockets or chains and they had to look up the standard sprocket and got it wrong, everything had to be ordered which took a week......which sux.

will try another dealer for bits next time.
got one of those lifter things you stick under the bike to lift it to change tyres and stuff, took the 2 of us to get the bike of the ground to get it under, then had to use a car jack to lift the wheel as the lever wouldnt lift the 180kg i was assured it would......maybe its just me and i been spoilt with the bikemart guys being so honest and full of great info.......

will have to keep looking for a dealer to take my mone and deserve it.

anyway, wish you where here......then i have somebody to play with.

whens the next big postie run glitch, im dying on a new adventure.

will post up pix when i find the bits

take care,

stookie and lil

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Pit Crew
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Default Re: 1st ride in the new surroundings

Don't feel too homesick for Melbourne cos I am sure that all your mates from here will keep in touch.

You will make heaps of new friends in no time.

Also Brian posts goodies, so maybe still keep in contact and get him to post parts up to you. That is if you do your own repairs.
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Default Re: 1st ride in the new surroundings

ah thats just the country, nothing in stock, takes a week and they charge ya double. and still get it wrong.
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Default Re: 1st ride in the new surroundings

We never did get to the Kawasaki dealer when we were up there a few months ago. Our accomodation was just around the corner from the Suzuki/Harley dealer. Large showroom and heaps of accessories up the back and a good stock of tyres upstairs. the BMW dealership was rubbish (a car dealer with a couple of bikes on the floor and no real expertise in bikes from the sounds of it). There was a dirtbike shop next door to the BMW dealer. They seemed to be the ones who might carry a bit of consumables stock. You can probably get things delivered quicker if you deal direct with a dealer in a capital city and get them to courier it to you.
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Default Re: 1st ride in the new surroundings

Glad to hear you've found some roads up there. Might be worth a visit after all.

Pity 'bout the DSMRA but.
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