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Default 2 stroms tackle Tassie and then take on each other!!

Adrian & I've just got back from a very quick blast around Northern Tassie. Left on Thurs pm and got back Mon pm. Had a great time & it was a pleasure to ride with Adrian again.

The route

The trip over was a bit boozy, we got back to our recliners so late that it was all dark and we couldn't work out how to make them recline - so we sort of forced them backwards - mine cracked.
Adrian after a beer or two

Got through Devonport and wound up in Penguin for brekky

Then off to Wynard. Great scenery and perfect weather - in fact we had no rain apart from 10 mins after we'd put the tents up on the West Coast

Wynard Head

The boys

Then for lunch at Stanley - friendly guy asked us where we were from and going

Strom at the Nut

We then headed south to Edith Creek to find the western Explorer.

Montagu river

Sign after Arthur River bridge on Sumic road - hint - turn right!!

Adrian on Western Explorer - great road - no dramas

Set up camp near a stream

Woke up bright & early to continue South

Got to the Pieman river, chatting to the barge operator - he was from Mandurah in WA - (small world - where my daughter was born). Living in a bus with his wife and travelling around

"Arcadia" river boat at Corinna - use to be a gunboat in PNG during WWII

On to Strahan for a Coffee - took 30 mins to get the coffee

Adrian after Zeehan

Stroms at Strahan

Had to get our skates on so we headed East to get to Derwnet Bridge for lunch

Eventually got to Dee lagoon to set up camp - great location. saw a few trout rising but they were too far out to cast to.

Next day, headed off to Miena, along the way stopped off at Little Pine Lagoon - reputably australia's best fly water

Headed down the Western Tiers then we lost each other - i thought we had arranged to meet in Poatina, but as I got my helmet off, i hear a strom go past on the by-pass road. So I jumped back on and gunned it afterr Adrian - no luck in finding him as I found out later that he'd taken a different road. Thanks to mobile phones we arranged to meet in Avoca for lunch. By this time I'd gone down to Campbell town and had to go North up the Midland Highway. As I was approaching the intersection with the Avoca road from the South I saw the familair spotlights on Adrian's bike heading South down the Highway - we greeted each other like long lost souls - blamed each other for the cock up and headed off to lunch

We decided to head off to Mathinna by way of Rossgarden and Mangana. Thing were going well - great road- interesting sights (old mines etc). Trouble was I led the way out of Mangana on the wrong road. It went the right way but gor progressively worse. Very stoney - very steep - was ok going up but would be a bastard going down. Still the stroms made it to the top

I'd just got to the top of the track had stopped on a better bit of road

When the strom equivalent of this happened

Causing this to Adrian's bike

Laughed? - we nearly shat!

Luckily no damage to us and only a right brake lever + few other things on mine so off we went - we were still talking!!!

Got lost again (the "down" had knocked the card out of my GPS but eventually got to Mathinna (not really worth it) and headed off to Deloraine passing through some great looking scenery in the upper Esk valley

Upper Blessington

Had a few sherbets at the "Olde English Inne" ( no English beer )

Then off to Devonport to catch the ferry next morning.

Leaving Tassie

Sunset over You Yangs

Arriving at Melbourne

This was a great trip - a "taster" I want to go again - at least a week.

Thanks Adrain for the company and wine!

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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: 2 stroms tackle Tassie and then take on each other!!

....and no quick climb up Jacobs Ladder (Ben Lomond)?
You've GOTTA go back!!
A month...minimum

You BOTH came off?
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Default i want to go back!

What a bloody great trip!1200km's in excellent weather through some of dog's best country.

Jeremy's done a great job with pics, and story - including our bingle.

On a whim about 6 weeks ago, after seeing a few adverts for cheaper tickets on the ferry to Tassie I booked the beast and myself a berth over the easter break. Then, remembering a conversation with Jeremy about enjoying camping, i decided to see if he was keen - 24hrs later i had a travelling companion.

We spent ages planning every last detail.....hmmmmm... make that at least 20 minutes

So we rock up waaaay toooooo early for the Ferry - I think we were both really keyed up for it.

Then, as planned - we needed solve the worlds ills

after these, the 'recliner' seat controllers defeated us - so at 5am we were ready to hit the ground running - and the weather looked purrrrrrfect.

Here's J in the hold as we docked
with some experienced Tassie racers

After a few laps of devenport looking for a decent Brecky, we settled on a lap of the Mall, and an ANZ ATM top up, and headed for the Western Explorer. We hugged the coast, and the villages and roads reminded me of my times spent travelling some parts of the coast of England - rich farmland, small villages, and narrow roads - except the weather was sunny

Then, after topping off the tanks after Stanley - we headed for the western explorer - a dirt road only recently constructed, with significant opposition from greenies. As an aside - it's been done very well, and as a consequence of the opposition, there are very, very few places to camp a long it's reach - quite purposefully so I would guess - but we found a few likely spots - including our first overnighter

the following morning with ice on the screens and seats

The western explorer has been topped with Silicon from a nearby mine, and it's a great grippy white surface - quite unlike gravel.

Just before the ferry at Carrina (sp?) Jeremy nearly wore a 4wd - that said, we saw very, very little traffic the whole way round, and were only held up in twisties on one occassion for a total of 5 minutes in 1200 kms = remarkable???

then on the wide, fast run into Zeehan. J's the much more accomplished rider than I - and as an experienced Farm manager, used to dealing in %'ages - J told me i was approx. 10% slower....... as the incident later in the trip unfolded, I wish i was 30% slower.....

and another fast run into Stachan

some fortunates off on a flying trip to the Franklin River?

It was remarkable the ride through the Franklin Gorge - think of the Dandenongs x 1,000 - not so much the road - but the sense of timelessness - almost primordial, and damp as heck - but firm under the rubber.

My Kids are grown, but I think Jeremy had a strong sense of easter

Thanks J!

On this tastey note, I'll call it a night and pick it up tomorrow.

ciao, adrian
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Default Re: 2 stroms tackle Tassie and then take on each other!!

So Jeremy has this fascination with oncoming traffic hey.... Leaving Cobar last year in Yathong national park he tried a Semi

Ah Jeremy, you coming to Coffin Bay? What's next on the hit list
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Pit Crew
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Default Re: 2 stroms tackle Tassie and then take on each other!!

Ah, another 2 who have been to the Apple Isle and been "seduced" by the lovely roads and sights of the place!! I have been there 3 times on 3 different bikes and had a ball everytime. I'm yet to meet a rider who hasn't come back from there raving about the place to all who will listen.
Ah Tassie, gotta love all those windy bits and if you don't get down there you're missing out folks, motorcycle nirvana!!!
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