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Default 19/9/07 Ontario, Canada

i've been looking at a lot of pics on this site so here's some payback

less than an hour north of my house it's just lakes, rocks & trees ('till trees wont grow anymore) so the roads have to go up, down & around a lot of stuff

put this together for maximumbikes

me & Tony went for a fun ride Wednesday
just under 600k

here's a map

gotta zoom in to appreciate the twisties

(the trees are starting to change so threw in a few extra pics of them)

met up in markham around 10

knocked off the first 100 miles on the highway then took a break before the good stuff

stopped just north of Bala for gas & pulled the liners out of our jackets

shortly after saw a young wolf standing on the shoulder watching the bikes go by
& a snapping turtle about the size of the first trailer i holidayed in in porthcawl walking across the road
big sucker i thought it was a porcupine 'till i closed on it

superb high & low speed roads from Bala to Algonquin park

some of the corners are so long ya got to be going back the way you came

stopped for gas before the park

pulled over in Algonquin for a couple of pics

Tonys nasty pipe

south of the park from Maynooth toward Apsley
didn't even pull my lid off to take these
don't know how you guys find the time for bloody cameras

miller time in Apsley

sun was going down so snapped off a few quick pics

not to sure whats going on with this snowmobile

thursday morning only 200k from home
my bike

lubed my chain

stopped for brunch
little red headed waitress was definitely a honey

off to Toronto

only missed the first 10min of the rugby
never drop your bike sober, it hurts too much!!!

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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: 19/9/07 Ontario, Canada

Hi mate

looks and sounds like you've got quite a way to go, before you hit some twisties/ hills/ etc. I always thought, Canada was more hilly/ mountaineous.
Thatks for the post....and keep 'em coming, it's ALWAYS great to see some pics and read some yarns from far-away places.

Thanks for sharing
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