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Default Alphabet Soup

I was up before 5am (hard life not having a job), but Jo has to go to Sydney for a few days, so the first mission was to deliver her to the airport in the car, then home again and change into my bike gear and I was on the road a few mins before 6am, in the dark and cool Melbourne morning.

My mission.. to collect the whole alphabet.

Home 5:56 --------------------------

Hazeldene 6:45 -------H------------------

After all of the haybale minions on the sides of roads, this one is novel.

Where the Farck...
Yarck 7:26 -------H----------------Y-

25 years ago I used to come here every weekend and skydive
Violet Town 8:12 -------H-------------V--Y-

There are two buildings in Orrvale with the name of the town on them. THe other one was the local primary school. I got there right in the middle of drop off time so had to go hunting for more..
Orrvale 8:50 -------H------O------V--Y-

Zeerust 9:07 -------H------O------V--YZ

Undera 9:39 -------H------O-----UV--YZ

My First fuel stop was in Echuca
Echuca 10:11 ----E--H------O-----UV--YZ

Gunbower 10:52 ----E-GH------O-----UV--YZ

Pyramid Hill 11:09 ----E-GH------OP----UV--YZ

Kerang 11:50 ----E-GH--K---OP----UV--YZ

Unfortunatley for Quambatook, although the welcome sign on the main street looks fresh, the whole town is quite stale. Most of the shops have closed down. There are only 2 or 3 cars on the main street in the middle of the day, and they seemed to be in quite a hurry to leave.
Quambatook 12:41 18279 ----E-GH--K---OPQ---UV--YZ

Boort 13:11 -B--E-GH--K---OPQ---UV--YZ

Everything else gets a crossing these days. why not..

Durham Ox 13:26 -B-DE-GH--K---OPQ---UV--YZ

One of several small towns in this district with perfectly manicured lawn tennis courts.
Serpentine 13:48 -B-DE-GH--K---OPQ-S-UV--YZ

Second Fuel stop in Inglewood.
Inglewood 14:05 -B-DE-GHI-K---OPQ-S-UV--YZ

The front of the Rheola memorial hall was filled with a herd of sheep who scampered quick smart when I turned up.
Rheola 14:33 -B-DE-GHI-K---OPQRS-UV--YZ

Logan 14:47 -B-DE-GHI-KL--OPQRS-UV--YZ

Navarre 15:28 -B-DE-GHI-KL-NOPQRS-UV--YZ

If it wasn't for the war memorial, Joel Joel would just be a name on a map
Joel Joel 15:48 -B-DE-GHIJKL-NOPQRS-UV--YZ

Moonambel 16:13 -B-DE-GHIJKLMNOPQRS-UV--YZ

The pie shop in Avoca is difficult to ride past.


More fuel in Creswick

Warrenheip gets its name from the local indigenious word for "emu feathers"

The only thing in Fiskville is the Country Fire Authority training complex, and several dozen roos.

Only one letter remaining.. but there is a catch.. there is no locality in Victoria starting with an "X", so I found the next best thing.

home 19:45
Here is a spot link showing the trackpoints and also the above points.

Total distance: 1091km
'13 TR650 Terra
'14 XT1200ZE Super Ténéré
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Paul n Dixie
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Default Re: Alphabet Soup

Awesome idea!
Great pics and ride report.
Bloody good effort
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Default Re: Alphabet Soup

Totally excellent!!!
You're a legend Nev.
I'm fairly well traveled but I still had to have your thread open in one tab and google maps in another tab. .....and then AFTER reading your awesome RR I saw the link to your spot map. Lol.

Now, my Google search confirms nowhere in Vic starting with X but there is Xantippe in WA so on yer bike.
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<-- now went that way
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Default Re: Alphabet Soup

Next time do it in order.....
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Ride hard, live dangerously...
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Default Re: Alphabet Soup

Good effort Nev, I'm impressed.

This is something along the lines on a thread on the OzSTOC Forum (ST owners) re. taking a pic of your ST in front of the township sign, where the first letter of the town is one letter of a word about related to motorcycles. To make it even easier one "wild card" per word is allowed.

OzSTOC have a maximum of six letter words, sometimes stretched to eight, but 26 takes this to new level.

I think the challenge now is to see who can get the alphabet in a shorter distance, or in order as suggested by Marty.

I think John is correct about Xantippe in WA, but I don't think there is anything there, let alone anything with a sign.

Mind if I put a link to your thread in OzSTOC?
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