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Pit Crew
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Default Re: oh look..A lookout

Showed Johnny the logs and rocks hiding under the water. Most educational. Kids need to understand what lurks beneath before they go jumping off the bank or swinging out on the rope.
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<-- now went that way
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Default Re: oh look..A lookout

usually when I run between Dargo and Omeo I use Birregun road (sometimes known as the Dog Grave Rd) but it peaks out at 1500mt and I was a bit worried about it being covered in snow, also I did it in mid June last year and the top section was very muddy.

I was keen to give the Jones Rd/Dorothy Cutting/Brookville Rd a run, but being a 'medium' 4wd track on the DPI map I was worried about doing that by myself late in the day...

the purple is Birregun Rd and the yellow Jones Rd/Dorothy Cutting/Brookville Rd

both the publican and one of the locals said Jones Rd/Dorothy Cutting/Brookville Rd would be the pick and seeing I haven't done it I though..why not, what could possibly go wrong?

the run up Jones Rd, which you have to do either route was rather rutted, its always rocky but at least it wasn't slushy like it was last year, if you can do this section you can basically do both roads, its probably the hardest bit of both runs

a little ford down low not real far from the main road to start things off

the run along the rest of Jones Rd and Dorothy Cutting was just your average bush road affair the surface was good, most of it was tree lined with no view, it seemed to be a good road to get from A to B, nothing amazing but fun none the less, I am not sure where the 'Meduim' 4wd rating came from

but when I got to the Brookville Rd part... Beautiful farm land views, this was worth it. it went on for about 15km, 1/2 dirt , 1/2 white Asphalt.

the same spot, this photo is one shot in landscape mode

and this is 3 shots in portrait mode then stitched together, I couldnt decide which one to post

the other advantage of running this way, if you are going to Omeo you ride along Cassilis Rd which is always a good thing.

I headed up to Omeo and because I had already the nights accommodation booked I head straight up to Parish Boundary Lane, the Road that looks like it should be on the front cover of every Adventure Bike Magazine or Brochure.

is it all that?

I dunno, it was only a slight challenge, it was great to ride its short 5km length and it was great to photograph, but it left me wanting more from it. Its not Barry Way or Western Explorer.

but it does look great

the ol' Panasonic P&S is showing its age here, it doesnt like the low light...

off to the Omeo Hilltop Hotel which has new owners and a bit of money spent on it... its clean and fresh now, but the food was crap
But the body didnt care, I was out like a light before 9pm ready for Day 2
2012 Super Tenere
Ride hard, live dangerously...
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Paul n Dixie
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Default Re: oh look..A lookout

Keep it coming!!
A.K.A Dyson -because I suck on dirt!
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Pit Crew
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Default Re: oh look..A lookout

Got em on my phone but not the lap top...nice pics Marty!
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two wheels are best
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Default Re: oh look..A lookout

Great photos as always Marty, terrific.
I'll be up that way in late October so it's given me some ideas, I have a whole day to get from Bright down to Traralgon......
.... Peter.
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