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<-- now went that way
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Default Following the tyre tracks of a86

I have been working night shifts for a few weeks and if I plan it right I get Fridays off and if I dont do something energetic with that Friday I just seem to sleep on the couch...

so lets go riding!!

After reading A86's post about Whroo and not having explored much of anything west of the Hume I had a quick look at google maps I was out the door and headed to Whroo

the route of the day

looking west from the Old Sydney Rd Beveridge

A little further up the road, the Autumn colours are coming out

A little church in Darraweit Guim... I could have been 100's of km from Melbourne, I was 70km

Roads?.. we dont need roads where we are going!

Finally, Breakfast @ 1pm in Lancefield... Body Clock officially screwed by nightshift

nice little dry creek cross a bit up the Road, the creek was flowing a little

a little old shack on the side of the road @ Costerfield. It was right on a mainish road, nice to see it in one piece

The following are of the open Cut mine at Whroo, I got there a little late and didnt have a lot of time to look around so I just saw the open cut, worth the look, although the tunnels are suppose to be shut off, with a good light you could get into them if you really wanted to

I lost my bike.....

Kirwans Bridge over Lake Nagambie/Goulburn Weir

being later in the day it was Magic Hour, the light was beautiful and rich, a few photos taken From High Camp Rd north east of Lancefield

I really have to explore more of the area west of the Hume, its really given me a new outlook of exploring Victoria that for the last 2 years has kind of eluded me... the wrong bike will do that to you
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Pit Crew
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Default Re: Following the the tyre tacks of a86

Brilliant photos Marty. That Kirwans bridge is always in the news up here. Political dynamite.
Shame some immature idiot defaced the rocks at the mine entrance. I giggled at first but only for a second, I promise.
I reckon I'd love to sneak past those barriers and look inside the mine shaft. Nothing entices me more than a sign/rule/person telling me I can't do something. I see it as a challenge.
Your panoramic shots are cool. Makes the fence wrap around. I've been having fun learning about these phone camera tricks. Now how do you guys get that watermark on your photos? I'm just bluetoothing from my phone to tablet and posting 'as is' but maybe I can improve things with an app?
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Paul n Dixie
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Default Re: Following the the tyre tacks of a86

Awesome pictures, a great ride, thanks for taking us along
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two wheels are best
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Default Re: Following the the tyre tracks of a86

Great shots Marty .

I went through Darraweit Guim the other month on my way over to Glitch's trials day. It's hardly changed from when Brunswick Amateur CC used to race in the area during the '80s.
.... Peter.
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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: Following the tyre tracks of a86


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