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Default 2020 in the mirror

After preparing for the biggest rides of our lives and seeing all holiday plans for 2020 and probably 2021 flushed down the dunny, the year was almost a dead rubber for riding.

My trips as seen by the spot tracker don't compare to previous years. In fact, the bikes never crossed a state border at all during the year.

Jo and I went on 3 rides during the year, a 2 night stay in Toora in March, a 1 night stay in Swan Hill in June and 3 nights in Portland in December. Aside from that I went for a solo overnighter to Stanhope in June, a dayride down around the Bellarine Peninsular in January, a short dayride north of the city in May, as well as (because it is statistically significant) a single 50km round trip commute to work.

Total km on the bikes for the year was just short of 4000km. In comparison, the speedo on my bicycle registered about 3700km, which, if it had the same inaccuracy as the motorbikes, would probably be around 4000km as well.

But that didn't mean I didnt' get to travel. Thanks to my job, I managed to clock up about 30,000km driving around the Melbourne Metro area during the year, as well as another 10,000km or so on long country drives in the work van to exotic destinations like Toora, Warrnambool, Portland, Kerang, Warracknabeal, Horsham, Hamilton, Albury (yes I managed to sneak across the NSW border for about half an hour), Yarrawonga, Mansfield, Bendigo, Castlemaine, Benalla, Shepparton and Ocean Grove.

Lets see how 2021 plays out...
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Mapping the next ride...
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Default Re: 2020 in the mirror

Still a good map there!

3700k's on the treadly...I might come close.
No where near your 3 trips on the bike though...and Goodie might have clocked 800k's all up in 2020.
Friggin pathetic!

Don't wanna hear about it....
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Sir Francis
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Default Re: 2020 in the mirror

I don't think I have ever been stopped so much in my adult life...

2020 I only managed

42km by e-bike
200km deliberate walks by foot
47 rides amounting to 16,000km by motorbike
36,000km by various cars

3 weeks overseas
10 overnighter/+ work trips
4 social weekenders
2 week long trips away with Miss Albury
Follow me, I know the way.....

1 (66/652/142/70/147/10/193/105/63/211/305/471/635/204/288/123/435/405/324
/345/8/368/374/889/362/816/952/771/196/357/832/438) days and counting...

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Pit Crew
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Default Re: 2020 in the mirror

Was getting interesting for a while ...

My stats:

Bicycle - around 1,000km

Walking - not much

Motorcycle - around 1,000km

Cars - around 5,000km, that includes almost 4,000km on a new Pajero Sports since 24 June
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