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Originally Posted by a86 View Post
Actually when bactracking from UMC road along ritchies rd I had to basically encircle a campsite in the middle of nowhere containing bogans firing guns. (possibly a fraser anning training camp) Luckily I ramain non-perforated. Prolly interested in the oxy.
Shit.....can't have THAT, all the good stuff'd run out! Like last night's Sauce Bernaise and the King Valley CabSav!

No surprise re: rednecks up there...only a handful of wayward folks on trailies might be scouring the bush otherwise.

Let me know about the oxy soonest, there's a guy in NSW (got the ad on ADVrider as well) who's near enough to pay the freight charges if he can find someone to transport the gas bottles as well.
First come, first serve....
It's some bloody good kit, that.
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