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Default Re: These Are My Adventures

Ha ha, there is a lot of cool stuff kicking around, I agree.

It was also pretty crap of me to chuck a video up and go "Watch this yarn, boys" with out some background info, I have an excuse although I won't use it!!

Anyway, now that I have more time, we did a loop from Adelaide into NSW as far north and east as we could manage and get back again in 10-11 days. We travelled 3759 km, visited Mudgee Observatory, the Bathurst Racetrack, the Dish in Parkes and camped every night in tents and swags. As we didn't know too many camp spots we stayed in caravan parks mostly although we had 3 good nights camping in the wild and sitting round a nice camp fire.

My daughter is 14 and she has never done anything like this and she had a ball, promptly asking as soon as we got home when we were going again!!

Here is a bit of a map of our route, glad to swap GPS tracks if anyone is interested.

Stay shiny side up!
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