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Default Re: Segment 5. WOODVILLE TO WELLINGTON (plus south-eastern gems!)

EYEPOPPER!! Hawkes Bay Northern Wonderland

OK, OK...this one's waaay out there!
And it's a 200km run!
If you're one of those few who love to dig around the backblocks, avoid major roads at near all cost, LOVE their scenics and photo-stops every 100 meters and are happy to plough some deep, heavy gravel as well as carve some perfectly smooth and deserted race-track twisties before scrabbling up some private farm roads into a valley bowl stunted by a ring of hills with the ocean in the far distance....then.....THEN come along for this one!!


Tiniroto Rd. turn-off-> Ruakituri Valley twisties

-> Erepeti Rd. through Kokotea Station

-> back on asphalt-twisties at Ohuka for the run to the SH38/ Lake Waikaremoana Rd.

If you do NOT have fuel for approx. 200km from here, a fuel-run is required to top up tanks at the Lake Waikaremoana Resort Shop. Approx 60km/2hrs return of mostly gravel with regular traffic


Otherwise continue south on SH38 for a short stretch -> Ruapapa Rd. climbs quickly before following the ridges , the views are fabulous!!

Back on seal at Putere Rd. -> turning south on the endless swinging twisties to the SH2 highway...or skimming more of the glorious ridges on a roughly parallel course via Cricklewood Rd.

-> SH2 for a short stretch to just past Tutira School -> Waikoau Rd. is another continuation of the same theme: Awesome ride with awesome views!

-> Darkys Spur then crowns the lot with some knife-edge ridge riding mated with breathtaking views to the nearby coast and beaches.

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