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Default Google Translator

Hi everyone

As this forum seems to be getting quite a number of international hits, we decided to add a modification to the forum-software which allows direct translation via Google Translator of any page displayed.

The mod ONLY works on the "public" section of the forum, as Google needs free access to the pages it's supposed to translate.
It does NOT work for the "members" part of the forum.

How to use:
Click into the thread you'd like to view.
Just above the top post, next to the thread-rating and display-options, you'll find the new "Language" dropbox.
Click...and choose your language to display THE WHOLE PAGE (not just the first post) in the language of your choice.

Another window will open, identical to the original, with the text displayed in the desired language. The translation will only take a few seconds.

Give it a whirl with this thread...
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