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Default Re: NZ_2019...The Missing Link

Barely out of Raglan, the weather-frogs finally catch up with us, things get dark and damp...
A hesitant foray into Waimai Valley Rd. for the backdoor onto the coastal ridges, the high ground between the coast and Hwy22, results in a retreat + defeat.

Back to Hwy22 for a light drizzle cruise into Tuakau, then a straight commute on the SH1 Freeway to a carwash for a cleanup and fuel-topup, then the Rental Depot.
Hans' DR is already parked there, looks like he made the return in the dry

All blue and calm again the next morning for the flight home.


Another big THANKS to Ant for adding his pics to this thread, lots of great shots there, mate

The fortnight also resulted in a wealth of material to "close the gap" and complete the 14.600km New Zealand Adventure Touring Route, to be found here:
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