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Default Re: NZ_2019...The Missing Link

A quick look at Kawhia on Doug's request got us down near the wharf...
...and a bit of a sad surprise.
Those who were along for the Hobbits & Bobbits Ride in Nov 2012 will most likely never forget the night at the Blue Chook Inn at Kawhia. A couple of pics for a quick memory-jog...

....and here is what's left of it

Using the mostly sealed main-route to Raglan, the shadows gets long a couple of hours later near Raglan, stop for the night.

There's a bit of a feeling of the New Zealand sun saying its good-byes, burning across the bay and turning on the colour big-time.

While lucky today, there seems to be no escaping a final wet-bum for tomorrow's run into Auckland, the blackbellies are gathering just off the coast.
No whingeing was yet another pearler in the bag.

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