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Default Re: A little bit more of NZ ......

Good stuff!

Any chance to either reduce your pic sizes before uploading...or link to a smaller version if that's possible on Photobucket (as it is with SmugMug etc).

The pics are HUGE and once there's a whole page full of them, will take ages to load.
It makes anyone looking into the thread download hundreds of megabytes PER PAGE! (each single pic is ~13mb!!) ....before the forum software knocks them down to 1600 width to actually make them screen-usable, which requires even more time as the entire image has to be downloaded first before it can be processed. Multiply by ....50? images per page!

For comparison, to download a single one of the shots above takes the same time as downloading about 40 pics in Doug's yarn.

You somehow got that first pic down to 960 width, which loads instantly.
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