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Originally Posted by goodie View Post
I'm reading and re-reading your RR over and over again and then so many memories of our time there together are popping up.
How beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us, Marty.
When is the next one?
thanks Goodie

evey part of this was compared to T2, T2 is always very high up in my memories

in San Diego in April next year for a wedding, I dont think we will have time for bikes.

2021 we are thinking Spain, probably 3 weeks and would like to do at least one of those on a bike..

Originally Posted by Zuckerbaron View Post

Hey Marti,

thanks for taking us along through the Alps and La Bella Italia!!!
You found the right words, I also don't want to leave Italy when I'm rolling North!

Thanks Gero
Thank Gero

as above, although we want to do Spain, a lot of me just thinks to go get lost in Italy for a few weeks
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