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Default Re: NZ_2019...The Missing Link

Too late to run up to the Caravan Park at Te Urewera to top up the tanks now, the only fuel far and wide.
Better settle in at the night's stay, the Lake Whakamarino Lodge the old lakeside place in Tuai, a former hydro-worker town.
If you book and let them know, they'll even cook up a tasty 2-course dinner for you (not that there's a choice in town :-)

Great place, great folks, a BIG THANKS !


Bridge into town....

Sluice-keepers cottage

Benita, manager and yes-can-do of the place, dishing up.

And while the humming and buzzing of the afternoon is still on the retinas, there was no clue that this would only turn out the precursor.

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