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glitch 28-04-2019 05:05 PM

NZ_2019...The Missing Link
As per the extensive planning-thread, this trip was to close the final gap in a 3 decade-long collection of routes, roads, places and highlights that will bind me to Unzud forever.

The "Greater Wairarapa"....or better, the Wairarapa, the Manawatu, Southern Hawkes Bay and the southern tip of the North Island, Cape Palliser.

In hindsight, nothing has changed though... I'll HAVE to go back with more time at hand to do it properly.
Like with any other part of the Shaky Isles!

While the fortnight was no-where near enough, it allowed me to cobble together a solid variety of routes (plus extras!) to finalize the 14.500km Trans New Zealand ADVroute which is really barely a scratch on the place, but gives plenty of choice for the overseas tourist ADV-rider keen to get off the well-trudged tourist (and even ADV-) routes.

NZ-Essentials : Here

ADV-Routes here (12 sections) 14.600km

Just for an overview...Auckland to Cape Palliser, the shortest way.


While those were some of the results, there was still a fortnight's ride involved to close that final, missing link and tie the routes of the 2 islands together via a 3400km loop.

And so it went...

glitch 28-04-2019 05:42 PM

Re: NZ_2019...The Missing Link
A long ramp up had produced a long line of crew-changes for various reasons along the months of prepping, leaving a smaller-than-intended group of 4 in the end, with Hans taking over one of the "vacant" bikes to run his own ride during the same time-slot.

This time there were various hook-ups planned with locals along the way, most contacts through the AusTouring and ADVrider forums.

Being familiar with the capricious NZ weather patterns and able to pick alternative routes at the drop of a hat while maintaining overall progress, choice-routes and targets proved invaluable once more as we finished up with only 3 mornings of rain/ drizzle and 2 overcast days throughout the fortnight, the rest being "patchy blue+sunny" while some parts of NZ drowned in 1100mm of rain...and bridges, plane-hangars and roads washed away, dozens of tourist coaches stranded whingeing here.

With Ant flying in from Kuala Lumpur, Hans from Vienna the day before and 3 Melbournians in one lot, there was "some assembly required" before the riding started.

Richard (Oldbeer), an Auckland Local, had offered to smooth out he edges and "grease the wrinkles" by renting a people mover to pick us up from the airport and playing chauffeur the next day, showing off some of the local North-Auckland highlights, ultimately dropping us off at the bike-rental depot for the bike pick-up.

Can't thank you enough, friend!! Many, many thanks for the guided tours, the pick-ups, carting-a-bunch-of-Aussies around on a sightseeing tour and putting up with a solid 24hrs of the "Western Accent".
Another lot of thanks for the night of laughs and yarns at the Bushmans Grill ....which also goes for Hakan and his lovely wife from EnduroTouring_NZ who have been a MAJOR supporter of the AusTouring NZ rides over the last decade. Love you guys!!...and it was great to catch up again.


...and thanks to Ant, that's a double-serve!!


glitch 29-04-2019 04:13 PM

Re: NZ_2019...The Missing Link
Some of the culprits getting warmed up... if there was something like that place in Melbourne, Apple's latest Iphone addicts would rot with envy in their sleeping bags... :glu

42 taps of craft-brew!!!! Suck on a mouldy sock, Australia! :chug:
And that's before the exquisite knowledge of the guys behind the bar!

I'd call that the best-kept secret in Northern Auckland.

All that in a rear-block factory-building along some main road....and the food-van is doing the bar-boys proud, too. Great tucker to go with the brews.

I like this joint...

Oooops....I DID say that all the above was about halfway to the pub/ dinner/ excellent tucker/ laughs and a great night out at the Bushmans Grill in Hillcrest, only 2km from the Bike-Rental-Depot ? :wink:
Some things just fall into place, aye?

L-> R "Saint"-Doug playing coy, Europe and Asia (Hans+Ant), Famous/ Teflon -Rog, the drill-sergeant, Mr. Enduro-Tours Hakan and his "partner-in-crime".:thumbs:

Local, bike-buddy, guide, book of knowledge and funny guy...and awesome Mr. Fixit!! Aka, Oldbeer/ Richard :chug:

No idea what Doug's praying for though.... :whistle:

Zuckerbaron 30-04-2019 08:02 AM

Re: NZ_2019...The Missing Link
Voila, let the show begin!!!

After the teaser story now comes more to see and read.

I'm looking forward.

glitch 30-04-2019 11:01 AM

Re: NZ_2019...The Missing Link
"Richard's Aussie-Tours" was smack-on-time for the Saturday morning pickup :bow:...and with the neighboring Tauranga Tigers female Softball team still in their last party-throes from the night before we were cheered off the Motel forecourt under grey skies.

Which didn't last for too long :-)

While not too sure about the actual route taken, I'm certain of the places Richard got us to. I bet he'd rather been on the back of a bike through those twisties of the Waitakere Ranges, though....

Tight, narrow and a 1000 bends, the dark, green tunnel through the coastal bush allows occasional glimpses to the coast.
Nihotupu Dam sits just above the shores of Manukau Harbour.

Arataki Visitor Center

Next Piha Beach...
.... along the "Black Sand" Westcoast, what a beaut little spot!! :glu

Time for a gander....

What nature comes up with...."Godzilla-Rock" ?

Another look from above on the way out....

We owe you, mate

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