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nev 05-06-2019 07:38 PM

Workless Wednesday Warrnamburger
Work has been so busy that it seems like months since I even looked at my bikes, and last saturday when I did turn the key on the Super Tenere the battery had given up the ghost. A new battery on Sunday and a day off work on Wednesday. No time to waste. Jo left for work a bit after 7am and I was on the road about half an hour later. Straight out the Western Hwy, past Ballarat. Stopped to snap some shots of sculptures in the yard of a house on the hwy in Burrumbeet.

Then to Ararat, where I refuelled and turned south, heading down some single lane sealed roads.

Major Mitchell comemmorative cairn in Willaura

War memorial in Wickliffe

Some funky letter boxes in Hexham

Arrived in Warrnambool right on the stroke of midday and headed to Kermonds Hamburger shop, a local institution. The family have been operating a burger shop in Warrnambool for 70 years.

On the wall is a large photo of the original shop counter and price board

From Warrnambool it's east, following a path south of the Princes Hwy.

Through Glenfyne

and Irrewillipe

A couple of fatal accidents at this intersection by Mandarin speaking drivers near Birregurra have prompted a foreign language sign.

A rundown house near Bambra

An uneventful ride back to home up the Princes Fwy.

Hytram 06-06-2019 10:38 AM

Re: Workless Wednesday Warrnamburger
Nice little run,

They should ban work, it justs gets in the way of things

glitch 06-06-2019 02:37 PM

Re: Workless Wednesday Warrnamburger

Originally Posted by nev (Post 76002)



Originally Posted by Hytram (Post 76004)
Nice little run,

They should ban work, it justs gets in the way of things


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