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dougman1 13-04-2019 03:22 PM

A little bit of NZ
Here's a few pics of recent travels to the best little country in the world.
The weather, was good and bad. But mostly good. The beer was cold and the sights were glorious.

Inward bound to Auckland, views of Waiheke Island:

Our transport soon had us on the North Shore where just down the road from our digs, was the most magnificent establishment.

The beer map had me intrigued and I instantly dreamt of a cunning ride to all these places :scull:

With 40 beers on tap, I was feeling anxious. Have we peaked too early? Will this be the pinnacle of the trip. How could anything be so magnificent as this... the head was spinning! :chug:

These 2 chaps were equally stumped. Nirvana!

The tucker was divine as well!

Nasty fuel prices in Auckland. I think Aucklander's have the joy of paying an extra 10c per litre. Still it's exxy aye!

dougman1 13-04-2019 03:49 PM

Re: A little bit of NZ
The second morning I met up with a mate who had this on loan from Honda NZ.
The other lads took a van ride out to the west coast beaches, and I had to suffer being pillioned to breakfast.

Then it was off to the bike hire to pick up my Chariot for the trip. An oldie, but a goodie!

Then that afternoon, the Beer place lured us back again.

It was a beautiful evening arriving back at our digs .

The next morning however... RAIN! :thun

We set off for a rather damp motorway run through Auckland. It didn't really matter, we were off! :clap: Clear of the city the clouds parted and out came the sun. Life was GOOD! :thumbs:

dougman1 13-04-2019 04:18 PM

Re: A little bit of NZ
We were on track for Thornton Beach, about 16km out of Whakatane on NZ's East Coast. And the sunshine had been replaced as we passed through Rotorua.

A sunken jetty at Lake Rotoiti

One of the 2 cabins we had for the night. Cosy spot as the rain hammered down throughout the night.

It was still pleasant out on the verandah in the evening. 1st day successfully done!

dougman1 13-04-2019 04:41 PM

Re: A little bit of NZ
Moutohora Island, just off the coast, looks moody with the showers and low cloud passing by.

We were riding the Motu Rd for the day! The Motu river is a popular river for white water rafting. The conditions were such that we didn't see the river!

I knew there was a river, other than the one running down my spine at this point!

See Australia, you could be lush and green like this too, if you'd just let it rain!

Made it to the township of Motu. :clap:

dougman1 13-04-2019 06:55 PM

Re: A little bit of NZ
For crying out loud! This in Matawai... go on check it out on google maps.
In the middle of fekking nowhere. An E charging station. Checking to see if there was a plug on the DR! I mean you've seen the price of petrol!

So we were feeling green, and took a detour to an Arboretum. Unfortunately they wanted $10 head to see some trees. Were like, these trees are good!!

Location supreme though!

We were heading for Tuai and Lake Whakamerino where we had some accom for the night.
Stopped at a nice waterfall along the way.

And there we were, Lake Whakamerino!

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